Volunteer work

I am looking for a place I could do volunteer work for diabetes. I am in Southern Cali and I am search for a place to volunteer…Does anyone know where I can go?


Try your local Girl Scout Council.

You should contact the JDRF in your area.


I’m in SoCal too! What part do you stay at?

I know that some JDRF support groups do outreach. For example, the one that I used to go to in North Carolina, used to go visit children or people in the hospital the hospital that were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Perhaps check with the JDRF support group in your area, you can look for it at www.jdrf.org

Great minds think alike, Dino!

Thank you! in the temecula area…

Kristin- I am going to look into this because I would really like to get more involved.

Thank you,