VOTE for these two Diabetes projects on before Sept. 1

Members Project is an initiative of American Express, where they fund five projects every year.

This year there are two projects that have been submitted from within the community:

1) Our Blood Sugars: live a healthy diabetic life
(the video below explains the premise of this project)

2) No More Insulin Shots Required
This project, started by Dawn, aims at funding continuing research for an artifical pancreas and eventually a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

I am asking you to please nominate both projects, so we can land a Top 25 spot to remain in the competition.

All you need to do is follow these two links:

and click on the “Nominate This Project” button, as shown:

To nominate a project, you do not have to be an American Express cardholder.

Later, assuming we get to the Top 25, we WILL need cardholders to step up to the plate and VOTE for the projects. Now, to nominate the two projects, EVERYONE can help!

Hurry up! We have only until Sept. 1.

The projects are going up: We’re making progress, but we still need more votes.

It only takes 20 seconds. We are counting on you…

You don’t need to be an American Express cardholder to vote for these two projects.

Please remember to drop by:

and click on the Nominate This Project button.

I would be delighted to vote for these two projects, but although I have signed in as a cardmember, everytime I change the page to get to the topic I wish to vote for, American Express is insisting that I sign in AGAIN,and again, and again, and again!!!). There are currently only 134 votes for the insulin topic which I find hard to believe. Can we get onto Amex and find out what is going on???

Not sure why this may be happening. Can you try clearing the cookies in your browser?

Here are instructions on how to do this for a number of browsers.


Sorry to say this John but I’m glad to see someone else having the same problem as me! Thanks Manny I’ll see if your suggestion helps me out too!!



Thanks so much!!!

Done, Good luck

and Done both nominated