Votes i need everyones help

i am in a contest i have two entries one is number two and the other needs votes as well can everyone vote it would be a great help and voting is everyday!!!

Hi Victoria. Is there a way to vote without installing the App? I noticed that one cannot even view the group without granting permission to install the app.

Victoria and Teena , could it be, because it is a Canadian event till March 21 through the Canadian Diabetes Association ?? I am not too techy , so just a thought

if u have facebook u don't install a application it asks for for info to make sure u r a real person and to know that u r legit it asks for permission fo r that reason this is a very safe site and u will not have a problem with it its actually from the canadian diabetes association adn ur vote counts to help find a cure the more votes we have on these two links the more voice will get heard

anyone can vote its for a good cause hope that helps please vote!!!!