Hubby said we may go back to Lady Luck in September after our trip to Vegas. I’m hoping to maybe get those swirly clouds behind my Foo Dog, perhaps with a scroll surrounded by a peony flower. I wish I knew how to write “One is All, All is One” in Japanese, I would have that written in the scroll. Or depending on our financial situation maybe I’ll get something small like the tooth angel I want to get behind my ear(s) as a commemoration to my teeth, ahah. I saw a sea turtle flash while I was meandering around the shop on my birthday, I would put that on my right arm around my Sandy Strong tattoo to add to my collection of nostalgic childhood themed tattoos. When I was young I wanted to be a marine biologist and I love sea turtles. The main reason we’re going though is because my hubby’s friend wants his first tattoo and he doesn’t want to go alone. This may sound deviant but he’s afraid of needles so I can’t wait to see his initial reaction, lol.