Waaay off the diabetes topic.....updated pic... updated pic

Baby James was born on Thanksgiving day at 12:11 PM. Welcome James, you and your Mom are the lights of my life and the apple of my eye <3

he is about a minute old when these pics were taken:

and here's the birth announcement!

and so my little boy is now 1 year old. Happy birthday James, I love you.

He is beautiful! Congratulations! There is nothing so precious and wonderful as a newborn baby!

Oh so beautiful =) Congratulations!!!

He’s beautiful.Congratulations!!! Lot’s of luck to you and your family.

Congrats!!! that’s awesome

Oh my goodness gracious! Congratulations. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift.
Keep those pics coming!!!

For James…

Congratulations! I hope that the whole family is doing well!

Aaawww! One minute old.

Beautiful boy. A Thanksgiving to remember. Congratulations!

Wishing James a long life filled with peace & happiness.

What a blessing is this gorgeous baby boy!!! Congratualations to you, Joe ,and your entire family!!! We celebrate you, little JAMES, and are so glad you are here!!!

God Bless!!

Congrads Joe! A prayer for James here. By the way Amarie told me to tell you how cute James was!!!

so happy for you, Joe.

Congrats on the arrival of James! Brings back so many memories of my childrens’ births.

Congrats! He is absolutely adorable!

thank you all! You are so kind!

Awwww Joe…what a little sweetie! CONGRATULATIONS to daddy AND to mummy!
Another great reason to give thanks, eh???
And…Many Blessings on Christmas Day…linda

Oh, Joe. James is even more beautiful! Keep his photos coming. Nibble on his toes for me.

What a way to give thanks!! :)))) Wonderful, beautiful baby. :))) Congrats.

He’s a cute one

Handsome little guy.