Wacky food labels

Yes, we understand your concern…but just recently we met with FDA representative to discuss some of our concerns an currently we are working on an action plan that will bring change to the food labeling industry that really makes sense out of all this. I have article about "portions standards folks eat and for food manufacturers to make more sensible of these labeling process. However in our discussions with these companies we are finding that $$$$ in research has food manufacturers grinding their teeth–they don’t want to spend it on what we call "Added value"so consumers can make better and wiser food choices.They say it would mess up their bottom line and force them to lay off employees.

You know that cereal Shreded Wheat? Comes three biscuits to a package, and I don’t know 8 packages to a box. You take out a package, remove the biscuits and mash em up and add milk. Well the serving size on the nutrition lable is two biscuits!! Why make us do the math.

Then there are the breakfast cereals whose serving size is half a cup. What is that, three spoonfulls? Are they trying to hide threir high carb by lowering the serving size?

I came across a candy bar whose serving size was one third of the candy bar? And it wasn’t a big one either?

Honestly, their so called bottom line is what keeps us all in this mess:

  • It’s the bottom line that keeps their cattle production in confined, ecoli infested places, feeding on nutrition deficient corn to make them fat

  • It keeps everything being made with that nutrition-deficient corn, and with HFCS, and all kinds of corn derived filler, and nutrient void.

  • It keeps people making food that isn’t really food! It’s not even mystery meat! And poor people, like me, CANNOT AFFORD to buy healthy food. People who say healthy food can be affordable have not really lived in real poverty… With NO income, not just a low income, but NO income… and food stamps… and having to feed a family.

And, on top of that, I don’t believe in a high carb ADA diet… So eating, even minimally less carbs than what they recommend, is expensive. Yes, yes it is. (And on a side note, no, please don’t lecture me on not eating high carb, because I have very strong convictions on this… and I will absolutely NOT eat high carb.)

They always claim this is going to hamper their bottom line… They probably claimed it in the 50s, too… But doing the right thing would help reduce sickness, and save our health care system some money… but NOOOOooooooo… Big Pharma and Big Supplement want to keep making money off of us, too, so that can’t be had either… and on and on it goes. lol

Oh yes what wicked and strange scheme of deception these guys are doing to us…one of our clients once told me that maybe these companies are trying to make us use our brains and realize that once we read the ingredient label we won’t buy their product. Maybe, that’s it Boycott product and find another similar product with less carbs,sodium,fats etc…force them to change. People power at its best


I can really understand your situation of not having a enough money to eat healthy and live well. However there is a solution for you to buy food items with whatever monies you receive from our government or job. I want to tell you it is hard to live poorly in these hard economic times. I have been there and done it. Going to college and living on sometimes $300 per week…a person can do it but it takes time and much reflection in putting it into action. I didn’t go out and buy junk food to survive I bought foods that I knew I could cook or prepare cold get more nutrient rich flavors so my body could perform its tasks. No, i didn’t feel full but i felt satisfied. A person told me once that our fork is our tool we use to put food into our mouths and the food we choose can be good medicine or a bad drug for our bodies. Please read my article that I just posted here! I think it will help you think of more positive ways and get an action plan for success. And if after the article you have questions or need help getting started I will help you search out a plan and stores in your area. ok Have a great day

I read it… and yes, I know very well to not shovel food in my mouth. I don’t not have food because of that… Also, perhaps the economy you went to college in is not the same as today, cus I could do magic with $300 a week, back then. I don’t get $300 a week, right now… I get $300 dollars a MONTH. So no, it doesn’t help, for very much. Some months I make it, and most months I don’t, and I end up at food pantries, etc. Your post doesn’t help me. Useful for one day, when I have any kind of income, perhaps. But right now, it doesn’t help me.

I have Celiac Disease as well as some food intolerances, so I spend half my time reading labels when buying groceries. Since people like me can become sick on very small amounts of such ingredients as gluten, we need complete and accurate labeling.

If I may suggest an alternative to this craziness of food labeling. I have made and served many pizza’s in my day…I would recommend Kangaroo No Trans Fat 90 Calories per pocket. The vital Statistics for 1 pocket: 90 calories, 12 carbs, 160mg sodium,1g fat (0) saturated fat–key point here. And for you folks watching your fiber and sugar this product has 1g sugar and 1 g soluble fiber. You got to trust it’s delicious and tasty with all or whatever fixings you place on that pizza. You can make pizzas ahead of time and place them in freezer bags for when you want one.

Ingredients are “Whole” Wheat, Sunflower oil,Rosemary, Vitamin E to ad freshness,sugar ,Kosher salt

Website www.kangaroobrands.com 1800-798-0857

I am sorry oops that was a typo error…should have proof read it more…$300 per month and $75 per week to pay for rent,utilities,food, entertainment etc…and that’s all I got from my part time job. So you say you go to food pantries…that’s awesome…do they limit you as what you can take or do they give you a bag of food and say “here u go have a nice day” When I was poor and sometimes living in the streets I had to be very creative at times. Those food pantries I went to gave me a bag groceries. With the dollars and cents i allocated for food from the $300 per month I was able to satisfy appetite.

Absolutely, My brother-in-law was diagnosed with Celiac 15 years ago. He is 50 years old now and the doctors are amazed that he doesn’t show signs of this disease. He has changed his diet considerable. Maybe it’s gift form God…

Well… my $300 is supposed to feed me, and my 5"11 husband. lol The give us very strict limits as to what we can have, at the food pantries. And it’s really never very much.

I have family of three and spend $280 per month…so it’s definitely possible to eat healthy and live well…Please out some of my recipes at www.mynutritionstrategist4u.com and go to "Resource Library and take a look at some of our recipes and meal plans to get some idea on how to use that $300 wisely per month. And if you have face book checkout our Health Consultants4u page. please send us your comments

I find it quite hard to believe… At least, not a low carb diet.


Why do you think it’s skeptical to eat healthy for less than $280 per month. When you read my article did think about where I talked about “Time Spent”, monies spent like cigarettes, beer ,wine etc Other stores to shop other than “Big” Supermarket chains. You also revealed to me that you get food from pantries and I’m assuming your husband works…correct

No, my husband is not working either. We have nothing. We don’t feed ourselves pasta, and soup, and things that are so high carb, they are cheap. Protein is expensive… And no, we don’t have vices we spend money on, and we don’t go to big chains to shop. We have a very limited farmer’s market in my area, and I don’t have transportation to go to other places to get it. Sure, high carb is cheap… But, personally, that’s not something that we can do… And yes, I consider the potatoes and most things you have listed on there to be quite high carb. There is absolutely no way that I’d consider indulging in such a diet. If you can live on that diet, fine, but I intend on keeping my legs after 20 years, and I don’t consider an A1C higher than 6% to be acceptable by any means.

When you viewed those recipes or the meal plans…there are things to consider when planning…first of all one must grasp portion and serving size… includes weighing and eyeballing foods you prepare. And not immediately look at recipe and say “oh thats high carbs”" I’m not going to bother eating and trying it" And for those folks who diabetes they have to watch their portion,serving size,carbs,sodium,sugars, fats… Next , you think about what are some of your goals and calculate your Body Mass Index to figure out how many calories your body consumes daily. Yes…I know it’s a lot of work…this is the only way one will get a handle on food spending and healthy food consumption. Are aware of how much your body needs daily to maintain your current height and weight. For the majority of Americans we are consuming way too much calories daily and as a result we are obese or morbidly obese. Our clients receive meals plans with less than 350 calories, 19 carbs, 350mg sodium and 9g fat at each meal time roughly. Each food group is accounted for in regards to self managing blood levels. Are you aware that diabetic women need at least 60g carbs per meal per day including snacks to maintain their levels so not to selfishly induce spikes.You mentioned health care costs an ER visits are costly. These things can be reduced or be non existent in one’s life if one can stop being negative and have positive outlook for action plan. I’m just trying to be informative and shed some hope to eat right and live well. Oh, yes do you and spouse eat out out fast food joints???

I love this scale!

No, we don’t eat at fast food joints.

No, I don’t believe your premise about carbs, nor fat, quite honestly, either… And most science doesn’t really back up the sodium bit, as I have learned, either.

Yes, I know how much my body needs. I have lost 80 lbs well on my own, and I have perfect lipid levels… Thank you very much.

I don’t go to the ER… I never mentioned I go to the ER… nor that I spend lots of money on health care. I mentioned, for society as a whole, those things are expensive.

I am not on meds, nor insulin, because I don’t need them… 60 grams of carb per meal is a JOKE, and it is incorrect information fed to us by the USDA and people wanting to keep us sick.

You can keep it. lol I’m not doing it.

Thanks, but no thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep my 5.5% A1C. Eating 60 g of carbs per meal would keep me on pills, and with a horrible A1C, and that’s not acceptable to me… And it’s not truthful. It is NOT, in my estimation, eating healthy. Dietary fat has very little to do with corporal fat… Yet you keep feeding us that lie over and over again, keeping people eating all those carbs, which keep them fat. It’s insane. I’ve never had any “selfishly induced spikes…” And I would label that more of a high carb problem, and reactive hypoglycemia problem… and not applicable to me. I never go much higher than 20 pts after meals, and i’m just fine with that. Thank you very much. lol It may be expensive to eat that way, and difficult to do… but I’d rather do that, than be taking meds or insulin in 10-20 years, and with complications, which down the road would bankrupt ANYONE. I know because I see people doing exactly that, in here, every day… And my dad did it, too. It is NO way to attain control. Dr. Bernstein is a Type 1 Diabetic, he has nothing to gain or lose, and he lives with this every day. He is now in his 80s, with minimal/no complications thanks to this way of eating. I think current medicine has LOTS to learn… And to avoid those outdated notions, and flawed ideas.

Food allergies make shopping painful—I am allergic to soy–its in more stuff than gluten…very hard to find anything that is not fresh w/o it. Even fresh meat can cause a soy reaction because they feed and supplement animals with soy. And range fed is REALLY expensive (dos taste good though)

Even skin care and vitamins are difficult…



We have a client who all she buys at ALDI’s are 10LBS Brown Rice, Variety of fresh frozen veggis,fresh fruit.some cans of fruit in water…not that fructose corn syrup one’s because she is Type 2, cottage cheese,“whole” Wheat bread, Soy milk, 1% fat free milk, Boneless breast Chicken, Tuna,eggs, ,onions,celery,red potatoes,garlic, oatmeal, cinnamon—Total grocery bill $71.50 per week $286 per month less than what you spend per month…I will make u a deal…I will show u how and what to purchase with your $300 per month and give recipes to use …and show you how one can eat healthy with physical movement. This food items mentioned above are scientifically based and proven to help a person who is diabetic and begin to eat right and spend less at the grocery store.