Wacky PDM?

I don't *think* this is the day when supernatural forces convene around my little town in Kansas or anything, but I have had a day with the pod!

This morning, it just wouldn't turn on. I replaced the batteries and it started right up, but I had had NO indication that battery was low. In fact, I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

But, more concerning, this afternoon I was feeling kind of low at work, so I checked. The PDM said I was 295. I thought, well that's weird, I thought I was feeling low ... so I did the bolus that was recommended. After another minute though, I decided that really wasn't a good idea, stopped the bolus (6.6 units had already been administered) and checked again -- 67. These readings were 4 minutes apart.

I know I have read about what can cause this kind of thing, but this has not been an unusual day in any way. I don't think my finger was coated with icing .... I'm still at work (late) because I ate a bunch of stuff to be sure that I stay conscious and I'm not willing to drive yet. Kids' band concert is in less than an hour.... grrrrrrrr.


OK I'm a little fuzzy from this event ... I mean to say that I have read about what can cause this kind of thing, but can't find it anywhere and I don't remember! Can you help?

Wow, tough day. We have battery issues now and again. I find that if you take them out and put them right back in (same batteries if you know they should not be low) it starts up again. This happens to us with some batteries but not all.

I have no explanation for the readings. The only thing I have seen lately is a complaint of errors in readings with the new FreeStyle test strips. Eat your glucose tabs!

Sorry! Not sure what would have caused that ...It must be one of those days, I've had a wacky pod day too! -BG was running high all day ...bolus after bolus, I would go down about 60 points and then jump right up again with no food. Skipped lunch and all. Finally went to change my pod & I filled the new pod with insulin -waited for the beep beep and all I got was beeeeeeeep (pod death). Hope you're feeling better!!!

The BG incident, I have had happen to me several times, feel low/high, and get different reading, etc. What I have done is check it against my freestyle flash, uses same strips, and have sometimes gotten different readings, by the 100's at times, but normally get reading within several points. Can not explain the battery issue, but hope that this can help.

I have had a few problems with incorrect readings. If I feel differently than the results of the finger stick, I hit the "Done" button and test again. I haven't had to go to an alternate meter yet...

Hmmmmm, any Kryptonite around?

We've had this happen once or twice. Now, any time the pump is looking for a big correction bolus, we do a second BG check. Frustrating, for sure. Hope the rest of your day picks up!

I had the shutting-off problem happen for a while with my PDM. Basically, the metal connections to the batteries were a little loose, so I just bent them out a teeny bit, and no problems since.

It doesn't happen too often but if I am that high for apparently no good reading, I test again just to be safe. I hate eating to bring up an overdose!

Where in Kansas are you, by the way???? I'm in Hays :-)