So....we get to Fairfax Inova hospital...oddly enough in a car, on a regular day it seems to take forever. Tonight, it seemed like 5 minutes. I don't remember seeing all the usual landmarks...The sign for Quantico Marine Corps Base...Potomac Mills Mall...the HOV merge....It was like...one second I was in Fredericksburg, and the next I was at Inova. Now...let me explain...Living in the area we did, when we would watch the news, anytime anything "bad" happened the "victims were airlifted to FAIRFAX INOVA in critical condition." THIS was 'that' hospital.

So here we were...and they put Bodie in a little pair of hospital "jammies" pants. He didn't want the gown on so...no gown. I think the worst sight is seeing your child in one of those hospital "crib" cages! As many of you can relate...there is a flurry of activity and information coming at you all at once. You hear nurses talking to eachother about insulin doses and blood glucose levels and at that point you have NO IDEA what any of it means!! But they keep reassuring you that everything is fine...it's all under control...but inside you feel like there's a hurricane building.

The team from NO. VA. Endocrinology, a few students, and God knows who else came into the room. The Endocrinologist introduced herself and inquired about how I knew he was diabetic...apparently, the pediatrician had called her personally and told her about the initial diagnosis. She commended me on knowing what was wrong with our baby....Who cares now???? Just tell us how to fix him!!! By now I was getting the idea...actually, it was starting to sink in that this was a "forever" illness...he wasn't going to go home with a RX and be fine in a few weeks. There would be questions from everyone and my answer would NOT be..."Oh, he HAD diabetes but he's fine now."

Our beautiful, happy, healthy,loud, crazy baby boy would still be all those things AND a diabetic. Over and over we kept hearing...it's not something you or anyone else did...it stinks, but it's totally managable." You guys can handle this..all you need to do is this and this and this and count this and give this and test and needles and needles and needles and prick his fingers and poke him and here's a book for you and here's a book for him when he gets a little older and here's a meter and a few test strips and and and and and...But it's totally managable" You'll see the dietician...and the educator in the morning. And I was thinking...in the morning, I'll wake up in my own bed and this will all have been a bad dream...HA HA on ALL of YOU in my nightmare! You'll all be gone in the morning!

But they weren't.....

I am so sorry you had to go though all that… I am tearing up just picturing myself in you shoes…