Waiting for Tandem X2 replacement

My friend X2 got stuck in an endless loop of high temperature warning. After a call to tandem my replacement was shipped and is expected to arrive shortly. In the meantime, I have my old friend t:slim as backup.

I popped in the same cartridge (95 units remaining) and used the same site and I was set. Then the realization, I have to actually manage this again. How did I do this before? How quickly we forget the constant monitoring, the mistakes, unexplained highs and lows. I woke up over 200 this morning and went low at the gym. This is a bunch of nonsense. I need an algorithm to manage this because human error is inevitable. I want my X2 back and I want to forget this ever happened,

If anyone is on the fence about X2, hop off and join the party. It is a total game changer.

My dog is barking!!! That can only mean UPS is here!!!


Pumps are like iPhones. I really want the X5 and keep it a while longer instead we have to wait for the x3 and x4 and lament the changes and considering what pump to get switch etc etc.