Waiting game

I’m waiting on a decision from the doctors about whether they are going to put me in residential treatment now after doing another assessment. I hate waiting. It’s the worst. I wish I knew what was going to happen. I feel like my life is on hold. I’ve been doing a little bit better with my shots and stuff, but still struggling. I just hate diabetes, but I’m going to learn how to live with it.

sorry about the waiting but glad you’re doing better. keep it up!

There will always be up and down days, but without the down days we would’nt be able to celebrate the ups. None of us likes the D but we know we don’t have any other option right now.

Get in the routine of taking real good care of yourself and it will become a habit, it’s all for your benefit! It could always be worse, hell there are people out there that are really suffering; so consider yourself lucky for not being one of those poor souls.

Don’t take life too seriously (just your Diabetes care)!