So my omnipod has been ordered and is in the mail. Im waiting. This is worse than Christmas! I have not gotten a new pump for 4 years, which is normal and standard. However, this wait is killing me! I have not been so excited about something in a long time!

So much has changed, I was one of the first people on a pump when all this started. My mother had to fight tooth and nail with insurance to get me on a pump. Then it was rare and very cutting edge technology. My doctor was one of 8 in the country who were using pumps. Now there are tons of people on a pump. So much that the omnipod has come into existence!

I never would have imagined the different possibilities you have with pumps now! The pumps on the market are so amazing! It took me a while to choose, but I went with the omnipod. Every pump has been an upgrade for me, the omnipod was the only one that felt like an improvement from my cosmo. I cannot wait til it gets here! Hopefully this excitement will encourage me to be better! Check more, pay more attention, get in tighter control. Baby years ARE looming in the distance.

But for now, I will wait.

Your thoughts are so familiar to me. I remember when no one had heard of pumps and insurance was so hard to convince. I, too, was floored to see what all was out there the last time I went for an upgrade. I can’t wait for you to get your new pump! YAY!