Wake me up I must be DAY DREAMING

Here I am 11 years old trudging to school in the rain miles away in my mind climbing some mountain crossing some river swollen by the floods hacking my way into the Amazon Jungle being the first person on the moon yes I had a vivid imagination a lot of kids do all part of growing up,the plans you make in your mind some stay with you all your life some float away like a feather in the wind,yet somewhere inside me is that 11 year old lad ready to take on the World and ready to save that damsel in distress,a knight in shinning white armour,if only life could be like that what a wonderful tale one could tell the nearest I got to climbing a mountain was driving around mount Snowdon in Wales crossing the flooded river was a boat ride at Monkey Kingdom and as far as hacking my way through the Amazon well the wooden area where I use to live as a boy was good enough but make no mistake I have done all of these things and more in my mind many times, you grow up and other things take over girls mostly falling in love 20 times a day your imagination can run riot at 15 there are so many hormones racing through your body it is a wonder we ever survive puberty,but make it we do some marked deeply for life the rejection from the girl of your dreams can set you back a wee bit.

Still as you know Bulldog Drummond knew over the hill is another exciting adventure waiting for you,what I want to know is where does all that anticipation thrill of adventure and nail biting endings go, I am still the same person ok a lot older much older than I was and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since those days and I can afford shoes with no holes in them and have a rain coat to keep the wet stuff of me,but if I could go back in time I would be 11 again dancing in the rain not a care in the World and thinking of that damsel in distress waiting to be saved,mean while in the other reality I have taken my morning medication apart from insulin sit here looking at the Shropshire rain falling on our windows I know it is not Shropshire rain, but that way I do not have to blame anyone else for getting soaked feeding the birds, I did finally find a damsel in distress she turned out to be an Angel whose wings cover and protect me every minute of the day and night the mountain the river the jungle are still there to be conquered and with Gods help perhaps one day I will plant my own flag on the summit ford that raging river and brush aside the branches as I trek in the Amazon Jungle and wonder at beauty of Paradise right before my eyes.

This as been an extract from the Journals of a Black Country Lad,diabetes eat your heart out.