Wake up love

6.20am finally manage to get myself out of bed get dressed not knowing I have the slippers on my wrong feet well this time in a morning it takes my brain a while to warm up, step over the cat who is sleeping beneath the radiator, eyes twitching she is off chasing mice’s in her sleep finally get downstairs put the living room light on walk into the kitchen do the same also put on the central heating to warm up the house so it is nice and cosy when the wife get’s up switch the kettle on, always a good idea to make sure there is water in the kettle boils better that way, fill the kettle sit down at the kitchen table open my diary and write good morning all.

Make the tea take the wife a cup it is 6.35am give her a slight nudge, love I say cuppa tea here no relpy, nudge again one more nudge and I can win the jackpot on the one arm bandit, she finally acknowledges my nudges and I leave here still in dreamland step over the smudge again trying not to wake her and go back downstairs.

715am give the wife another wake up call wakey wakey campers I shout, she replies ok and I get back to writing, my tea has long gone cold but that’s life as Ester use to say, 725am wife appears have you seen the hair brush love she says no I reply and go hunting for it, finally finding it in the bathroom on the shelf where it is kept, no why did I not look there first.

735am wife finally ready to go to work I walk with her to the car wipe all the windows down she starts the car and off she goes happy as a sandpie in mud.

Birds are chirping away in the few trees we have on the estate I stand for a moment to take in there songs a big crow flies overhead shouting to his buddies on the rooftop near by crows do that noisy birds have to let the whole neighbourhood know they are about, I walk back to the house close the door and here I am, no rest for the wicked mom use to tell me.

Raymond, I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love your cat’s name - Smudge. I’d love to see some pictures from Shropshire - I went there with my husband years ago when his sister lived near there.