Waking Up High

Hey Guys, here is a post on being high in the mornings...I have found difficulty in managing the sugars in the morning, but I realize that I have not done all that I can do to investigate any possible solutions to this point because, as we know, it can be really bothersome to wake up with high blood sugars


Fruit is very high in sugar. I only eat half an apple at a time. Perhaps you are eating more carbs than protien??? when I wake up high, I evaluate what my last meal/snack was and what time.
If all else fails try having an "extend" bar as a snack before bed, it lasts for up to 9 hours.

At that time, an apple raising the sugar that high is drastically out of the normal pattern of what an apple will do for me. Cool that you check out the last meal and time - I agree that that is the best thing to do, I find that stopping eating 2 hours before I sleep works well at keeping the sugars level throughout the night

I had similar problems for years. I've recently switched to using an Omnipod pump, which helped. But the big change occured when I finally got my diet under control. I joined Weight Watchers for the diet control and it was like turning on a light switch in the difference my BG numbers were in the morning, and all day long.

Cool Scott thanks for Sharing that!