Waking up in the 70s would you lower your basal?

yeah, i didnt think id be honeymooning this long but when i take into account that i weigh 64 or 65 kilos and still only take about 13 units a day, thats very little, wieght wise. i enjoy doing sport, cycle every day to and from work, walk, do zumba, kettle bell workouts and astanga yoga. do you think lots of exercise, like at least an hour every day would make a person so sensistive to insulin? one thats not honeymooning?

with the whole dp thing, as soon as i get up i inject so i can have coffee, very afraid of dp!

I grew up in Queens also. Where in Queens?

From what I've heard, the Spanish healthcare system is great. I have a good friend from Seville. As soon as she & her husband retire, they're moving to Spain for healthcare. Another friend was visiting Spain several years ago & passed out on the street. She was rushed to the ER by ambulance, given a battery of tests, received excellent care & her bill was around $200 as a foreigner.

Just be careful, Shawnmarie, not to overbolus and end up in the 50's. Trust me, I've been there!

get out! i grew up in elmhurst, by queens blvd and broadway/justice avenue and then we lived in maspeth, ridgewood and middle village by juniper park. how bout you?

the spanish health care system, imho, is excellent. my gp is fabulous, my nurse is great, though doesnt know much re t1, and tho my endo doesnt thrill me, i can request she be changed.

when i was diagnosed i got excellent care at the hospital here in seville and the diabetes nurses were great.

due to the crisis, health care is getting it in the neck (while the king goes hunting in africa and his son in law steals millions). so while i think the human resources are excellent, the resources like pumps and test strips are a pain to get.
i get three strips a day. when i go back to nyc on holiday i stock up on walmart strips so i can test more. i dont know what i would do without them-i suppose i would just have to eat the same thing every day and do no exercise!

the pump, well at diagnosis, it was me and this guy that had had t1 for 40 or fifty years. we were both learning to carb count. he must have been on an old exchange system or something. they were giving him a pump because he had bad control and he had kidney problems. so i guess i have to wait until i have major complications and then when im screwed ill get a pump...

i am very happy living here and could not imagine living in the states again. sometimes when i go back i feel like a foreigner, having lived out of the country for 14 years! your friends who are retiring are really lucky!

Know Elmhurst! I grew up in Forest Hills. My mother still lives there. It's changed a lot since I lived there.

Three strips a day is hard--sorry. Glad you can stock up in the US. Many here struggle to get enough strips also. Limiting strips is the most regressive way to cut healthcare costs. Infuriating.

Realize this isn't a popular thing to say, but I understand insurance companies & gov't healthcare not rubber stamping approval. Pumps & supplies are hugely expensive & not a necessity. They're no magic bullet for better control. Pumps are a want, not a need & people feel they're entitled to have a pump as a right.

omg, im gonna lower my basal another unit to 7 at night. im low all the time! aarrgh! even my morning I:C ratio has to be changed. woke up at 77, shot up, at regular bfast and 2 hours pot am at 66! whoa!