Waking up the Tandem t:slim

Pressing the 1-2-3 to get in every single time can be a bit annoying. I understand it’s a safety feature, but I’d rather do without it.

Watching some videos on YouTube, I could swear that people are waking up their pump and using it without pressing 1-2-3. The main screen appears for them immediately.

Is there any way to turn it off?

It’s for safety, being a touch screen.

Thanks, Dave. As I said originally, I know it’s a safety feature, but I’d rather do without it.


When I wrote that, I knew you would also know it is for safety. My point being that safety items aren’t optional or the manufacturer would be in for some hefty lawsuits when things go awry–meaning there isn’t a way to bypass safety features on a pump. Not only would it open them up to lawsuits, it would just be idiotic to have a touchscreen insulin pump with no lock-out. My phone drives me nuts with all the apps it has open when I pull it out of my pocket and that includes when I have turned off the screen before putting it there. I’ve butt-dialed too. I don’t want a pump doing anything I don’t instruct it to do.


You have just allayed one of the fears I had about the Tandem touch screen. Thank you.

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Good seeing you today @Andante! Have fun with your new pump.:grin:

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I haven’t watched the videos you refer to, or used the feature, but you can set up “quick bolus” on the pump which lets you bolus without using the screen at all. Your user manual will tell you how to set up your preferred bolus increments and use the feature.

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The touch screen response is sometimes not so great and I have to press them over and over, it is such a pain. Also, be careful because a few times when I did not press the top button to close the screen out immediately when I put the pump back in my pouch it pressed the screen and went to another menu screen, the bolus screen a few times.

There are a few steps to bolus so I doubt it would actually bolus anything but it was still a worry. So now I always close the screen with the top button after I do anything.

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I had an appointment yesterday with my local Tandem rep, and I brought this up. She assured me that there is no way to disable the 1-2-3, and no doubt the people in the video pressed it without me noticing (or the screen was already live). She said all previous versions of the pump had it as well.

Dave: That makes perfect sense. It’s something I’ll eventually get used to, I guess. :wink:

Willow: Please elaborate. What fear did you have, and what allayed it?

Dylan: Yes, I’ve learned about quick bolus. And I know someone who does it without even taking the pump out of his pocket! Yikes!

meee: I’ve read several stories online of how people got used to pressing the buttons. There’s no question that I’ll be going through a learning curve. I assume it will take me a while (coming from a button-press pump), but I’ll learn it eventually.

Thanks for all your input, everyone!


My fear was pressing buttons accidentally. But if one has to wake the pump up with a 123, then that fear is gone. I am legally blind (from RP and not DM). My Ping beeps when buttons are pressed and routines are completed. I find that very helpful. Don’t know if the t:slimX2 will do the same. Does it?

You bet, Willow. I’ve already seen in the pump settings where you can adjust both volume and vibrations for various pump functions. So you get both! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for the info, Andante.

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I do this frequently with Minimed pump. Each button press responds with vibrate (or beep), then it confirms back how many presses were done. Then waits for one final press to acknowledge. Or cancels if last press not done. My setting is for .2 units per press, which is a user setting. Hope the T-Slim is similar.

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Wow, that sounds awesome, MM1. Big score for the Minimed on that one!

I see a Rubik’s cube is your icon. Are you one of those people who can do it without looking? :wink:

Absolutely NOT. But the person that taught me can.

I have used the cube as example of something that seems impossible to solve, yet once you learn the steps, it is very repeatable, yet each solve varies.

Just like juggling insulin, food, exercise, illness, emotions, etc, when dealing with diabetes.