Waking up with no pump

A couple mornings ago i woke up feeling weird, i automatically touched my stomach to check for pump and it wasn’t there… I started stressing and after some frantic searching found it totally unclipped from my pyjamas and infustion site and under my pillow. I test my blood sugars and find it being in the 15’s… this is the second time this has happened to me, the previous time i found it on the floor next to my bed and a BGL of 22.9.
Has this happened to anyone else before?
What’s a good way to stop it?
thanks :slight_smile:

This has never happened to me before, but I have heard of it happening to others.

What type of infusion set are you using? You might need to tape it down better. I sometimes use IV3000 tape for this. You can usually buy this tape from pump companies or pump supply companies.

Where do you usually put your infusion set?

I usually put my pump just next to me while I sleep (not clipped to anything).

to be honest i dont know what the infusion set is that im using, all i can tell you is that it goes straight directly into the skin, not on an angle, and is inserted with a little blue thingo that looks like a egg holder from minimed (i pay ALOT of attention obviously haha)
the thing is that i actually unclip it in my sleep, not directly pull out the infusion site so covering it up with tape would make it a pain the next morning to unclip the pump and put on a cap for a shower
the infusion set is in my stomach and the pump is always clipped to me because i move alot in my sleep and dont want to rip it out when i thrash

I always tape my tubing down an inch or so from the set. Tegaderm is my choice adhesive. The tape will absorb all shock from tube-tugs. Since I’ve done this, my failed sets have dropped to close to zero. It doesn’t help sets bad from the get-go.Door knobs, tosses and turns, entanglement is appendages (who’s?), drops, pant-drops, or whatever, the tape takes the force and unfortunately lets you know in no uncertain terms you’ve screwed up some how o_O

Hey Sophie! Sounds like you use the minimed quicksets. I use them too!

This has never happened to me, but I swear by my PJ pants with a pump pocket. Maybe you should try some of these since it protects the pump more and it you’re a thrasher in your sleep! I got mine from here: http://www.diabetesnet.com/dmall/product_info.php?cPath=45&products_id=210&osCsid=c3895u95vd7m3r583oo7089tc6

I know a lot of other places online have them, if you look around. They have made sleeping so much easier for me! Give it a try!

  • From the other Sophie!

you have a beautiful name my dear haha, thankyou… ill look into it :slight_smile:

I had read in someother blog…Pin baby socks to your tee shirt/pants. Put the pump in the sock and it will stay put. And it is cheap

I agree completely!! But I use the same infusion set (Quick Set) and the IV3000 is bascially like a big rectangle of tape. I cut a hole in the center and put it on the infusion set so that it covers the white cloth-like part, but not the plastic part. So I disconnect and re-connect without touching the tape.

This has saved me from pulling out a few infusion sets.

If it’s not clear, then ask and I will try to post some pictures :slight_smile: Good luck!

Sophie: I had something similar happen recently. Woke up feeling high, bolused to correct and continued to feel high an hour later. Turns out that my tubing had broken, so, while my infusion set was in place and my pump was doing the correct thing, the insulin was not getting into me. Anyone heard of this before?

It has broken? So the insulin leaked out and the pump did not raise a ‘no delivery’ alarm?

It was as though the tubing had been cut – no “no delivery” alarm, as the pump just kept pushing insulin through the tubing.

I do the same thing with the iv3000s and my quick sets

the one time i didn’t use the iv 3000, my quick set almost got peeled off during the night

Hi Sophie

When I was on the pump, I would wear a bra to bed and clip it to the underwire in the center. That way it was always close to my skin and rarely came out during the night. I also move a lot in my sleep.

Also, I used to use the sets that went intot he skin in an angle. I’ve read in a few places that the sets that go straight into the skin are for people who are a little “heavier” and according to your profile picture, I would question if those sets are the right ones for you?

It has happened to me. often my pump (clipped to pocket of a pair of jogging shorts) will slip out as I sleep. And it was on the floor infusion set in all. Then again I have oily skin.

This used to happen to me. I started using mastisol to help the set adhere to my skin.

Try using a lengthy tube and placing the pump under your pillow. To keep it from unfastening from the site (are you sure you’re not doing this yourself in your sleep? Like sleep walking?) try taping the tube, not the infusion site, to your skin right next to your infusion site.

BTW, you’re the first person I’ve read who still uses the extra cap when in the shower. I stopped using it after the first week!!
But I guess there has to be SOME use for them!!


Same as Terry and others suggested.
I read on John Walsh’s ( one of the pump guru’s ) site also to place some tape close to the infusion set …just some protection from accidents happening …I have never had this happen to me , pumping 8 1/2 years .
I did hear a horror story years ago , where a cat ( in the child’s bed ) chewed on the tubing .

Wow Sophie! I have reread your writing above and the replies below and can’t imagine how this is happening to you,unless you are pullling out the infusion site yourself during your sleep. Hmmm, you need to start keeping a journal of your dreams, they might reveal something. Joking aside, as this is a pretty scary thing to be facing in the a.m. , especially the 22.9 mmol/l (412.2 mg/dl) reading - I think it’s worth giving it a go with some of the suggestions from others.

So far, I’ve never pulled out my infusion set (touching my cheap “whatever” wood IKEA work station here), even with hanging myself on a door knob a few times. I guess the infusion tape sticks pretty good to me . I think I’m a lump in the bed at night, meaning I don’t toss around too much, except when I know my cat is digging it’s claws into my stomach area, where I put an infusion set in from time to time (I use my legs alot or my upper back).

Yup! This has happened to me. What I do now is insted of the clip of my pump being on the inside and the pump being outside of my PJ pants or boxer shorts or whatever…I flip my pump so the clip is on the outside and my pump in on the inside of my clothes. Also, I buy PJ bottoms with GOOD waist bands that can hold the weight of my pump better. I hope this helps =) Brandi