Walgreens said that medicaid wont cover my strips soooooooooooooo

does anyone know the number for alabama medicaid? its funny to me that they cover my old strips but not these wich are the same brand just i guess an up grade my old machine is a true track smart system the new one is a true track results

The number should be on the back of your medicaid card. I am in AL and Medicaid covers my strips.

i dont have a card. they never ask me for it when i go to the doc or to get meds. what kind of strips do you use if you dont mind me asking? guess my docs will give it to me

I use One Touch. If you don’t have a card then how do they know what your Medicaid number is and you won’t be able to get a hold of Medicaid without knowing your Medicaid number.


because it is the same as my social sucurity number. they have it on file even when i go to walgreens they never ask for it when i go to the hospital they just look it up i had a card and i thought and i maybe wrong that a sec at my docs office said that they arnt giving cards out anymore and she took all my info down cause arnt they supose to give you a new one each year? i have not gotton one this yea or last year lol ty you for reading this

They have started giving out new Medicaid numbers and they are no longer the same as your social security number. You should have gotten a new one last year. That was when they quit using socials for Medicaid, now Medicare is still your social.

now i remember lol but i wonder why i have not received one? i bet you think im scrazy. i need to call them and get it

Call them and tell them you lost it. They will send you a replacement one.

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