Walk for Diabetes to find a cure - Boca Raton. Here's a link: http://www.sfbusinessbuilders.com/

Walk for Diabetes to find a cure - Boca Raton - Join the South Florida Business Builders in the
2009 Walk to Cure Diabetes
March 28th, 2009 at Mizner Park in Boca Raton
(Click the above link to join our walk team or do donate to this great cause)

In business, who you know is every bit as important as what you know. Every professional contact you make is another rung on your ladder to success. South Florida Business Builders will help you make the needed contacts to achieve success no matter what your industry.
One of the major strengths to any group’s success is the variety of professions represented by its members. With South Florida Business Builders, each professional is offered exclusivity for their specific industry or line of business. This ensures that you maximize your contacts/referrals and eliminated any inter-group competition. This is a sharp contrast to the way your local Chamber of Commerce works, where there are many members in your industry and competition for business/contacts.

Our bi-weekly lunch meetings will provide you with a focused marketing resource to reach out to potential clients and networks. The leveraged personal/professional networks of our members is far more effective than making cold calls! It’s far more enjoyable than making cold calls too! This system also allows you to reach far more prospects than even just the professionals and contacts they give you because each of those contacts probably has 10 friends that could use your services. It’s the 6th degree of business separation! Put it to work for you!