Walk in Water Classes

Just wanted to explain what the Walk in Water classes are.

Because of all my arthritis, back & neck problems etc. I find it
very hard to exercise, even walk. So my dietitian suggested this class.

The few classes with the “Walk in Water Group” that i did several months ago, I must admit, even though very painful for me, I really enjoyed them!

It’s kinda like a beginners course in aqua aerobics. We walk up and down the pool with special gadgets and do certain exercises with them (I don’t know what they are called, one is a long stick made of foam and bendable and the other is like a round ball with holes in it that you push through the water as if you’re marching).

The instructor, Silvia, is a wonderful & understanding lady with lots of patience, and the group, mostly made up of elderly people and a young man, are all very friendly.

(I’m trying to psych myself up to go back again!) :slight_smile:

Just a little reminder to diabetics.
When doing any kind of exercise make sure you take your jelly beans with you!
For the first class I took my mum with me and when we finished she said she was feeling funny so I took out my BG meter and got her to measure, her BGL was at a very low 2.5! Lucky I came prepared with my BG Meter and jelly beans!

I tend to carry juice boxes with me when I go out. The only problem with the juice boxes is sometimes when you’re low in shaking you have trouble getting the straw in their.