Walking 3-5 miles with neuropathy

does anyone know if long distance walking is bad for your neuropathy, when i’m done it acts up but it doesn’t bother me that much during the walk. am i making things worse or should i just use my elliptical machine. thank you for the advice in advance

I am a long-term type I diabetic with long-standing mild neuropathy. I have been walking 3-5 miles per day for the last three years and have not suffered any ill-effects to my neuropathy. I benefitted tremendously with better blood sugar numbers from walking. I get especially good results with my BGs when I walk following a meal.[quote=“Mikael, post:1, topic:61421”]
when i’m done it acts up but it doesn’t bother me that much during the walk.

Have you raised this point with your doctor?

Hi Terry does your neuropathy act up after you finish walking? Mine does , i enjoy my walks so i would miss them, i also love hiking so I don’t want to give it up. So i wouldnt be causing more damage on my nerves?

No, my neuropathy does not act up when I finish walking. My neuropathy has been relatively mild. I have aches in the bottom of my feet, not too intense but I know it’s there. My neuropathy was worse before 2012 when I had worse control of my blood sugar levels. I also had a loss of some sensation in my hands and arms covering me up to my elbow like a strange glove.

Maybe there are some meds that could help you. I’ve not tried any of them but I’ve seen them mentioned by other members. (I see you’ve talked about this issue in another thread.)

I think as long as you can walk and not hurt yourself losing your balance or other mechanical problem, then you’re likely OK to do it. Do you still have “protective sensation” in your feet? If you get a little piece of gravel in your shoe, will you know it’s there before it does too much damage?

I think nerves like the extra blood circulation that exercise brings but they definitely don’t like high blood glucose.

Good luck with this. I hope you have access to good medical care. I’ve always had good experience with podiatrists.

Edited to add: When I regained control of my blood sugar in 2012, all the neuropathy in my arms disappeared and my legs and feet felt better but not fully.

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Yes I would know if there was anything in my shoe. I am super vigilant about checking my feet every night. Also because I’m a hairdresser still working 3 days a week on my feet those days. Right now soaking my feet in epsom salt in a foot massager lol. Someone said it was good so what the heck.

Need to find a good endocrinologist to keep check on sugar. I have been checking before meals 1 hr after 2 hr after before bed and when I get up. Have not checked during the night like I’m suppose to because of dawn syndrome. I go to bed w sugar under a hundred wake up w 110

A good podiatrist wood be good the last one I had was a jerk and kept on wanting to sell me things. Thank you again for giving me some insight

I’ve been type 2 for about 3 years now. I first started noticing foot neuropathy 10 years ago. My standard exercise is walking. I try to get in at least 10,000 steps each day. I notice more intense feeling of neuropathy when I don’t walk. I think the walking forces the smaller blood vessels to stay open and available to glucose.

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thanks for the feedback , i need to get back to my walking. my neuropathy is so strange since i never feel it when i go to sleep. only sitting and standing. also just had an mri on my lumbar area and most of my lumbar disc have stenosis so it may not be my diabetes as i have never had an a1c above 7. putting on my pants in the morning when they go up my thighs the bottom of my feet vibrate.