Walking over short periods effects at night

I have a somewhat bad teaching schedule this year but if ask me at work it is wonderful and great. I can log in over 3,000 steps and not notice until the evening when my legs hurt and feet. The powers to be thought give me this schedule I would quit.
When I get to work I meet our buses and have a short walk to my classroom pushing a wheelchair. Then I am in my classroom. Then 2nd period is planning today I had to run over to another building and return to my room. I usually have some walking to do during this period. Then off for my about 5 minute walk out to another classroom. I get 10 lovely steps and one long ramp to do. Sorry no stairs but the length of two portables. Then back across the campus for 4th period in just 5 minutes. (lunch) I was at about 1500 steps at this point. After that class I return to my classroom for 5th block, this is done as quickly as possible being I will have my whole class standing in front of my door. Almost all the students come from the class next door. Then I am back off to drop a student off 5 stairs there and back down the same stairs quickly again to the 6th period. I do this part as quickly as I am already late. I hate to disturb that class when I enter. Back across to pick up the same student drop him off back to where I was during 6th block. This is done as quickly as possible being I am already past the 5 minute passing period. Finally my day is done I then slowly walk to my classroom to do paperwork. Today at this point I reached 3, 500 steps.
Here is my issue, at night even after I eat a nice dinner, I end up hungry after a short amount of time. Last school year dinner at 6 – 6:30pm really needed a snack or was hungry after dinner.
5:30 to 6 pm - Dinner is usually a small to medium salad, (lettuce, tomatoes, maybe some cheese), 4 to 6 oz of chicken, ½ cup of some type of carb, and more steamed vegetables. (green beans or broccoli) 32 oz of splenda ice tea or power aid zero if I have a salt ring.
8 pm – 8:30 pm I end up having a snack of fruit or graham crackers and peanut butter or some yogurt. I feel hungry.
9- 9:30 pm Bed even with that snack I am only going to bed with bs 100.
I end up having to get up to eat something being I will feel very hungry by 11 pm. I have tried drink a large amount of water about 32 oz before bed to stop this no luck.
Fasting bs 74 – 99
Breakfast is at 6 – 6:30 am – Go Lean Crush or Oatmeal and eggs
Lunch 10 am- sandwich and fruit or sandwich and yogurt about 45 carbs
I am trying to remember to eat a snack at 3 pm this is very hard. Being I am usually over heated by this point. I have now drunk at least 3 16 oz bottles of water or more during the school day. Not including my usually 20 oz with am pills and cereal.
5: 30 to 6:30 dinners
Where am I going wrong or is all that walking catch up to me at night? I feel like I end up eating so much at night which I have been told is not good.

If your going to bed at 100 and waking up still at or under 100, then what is the problem? If your hungry eat.

If your trying to lose weight then look for low calorie foods that is high fiber and high protein. Something that will stick to your ribs. I like triscuit crackers and cheddar cheese.

And yes it is all the walking. People dismiss walking as “real” exercise but it is and a easy and wonderful way to help control blood sugar.

The always being hungry at night is so weird for me. For many years I just wasn’t hungry and had to force myself to eat. I am guessing the CGM will show if anything else is going on at night. I am happy with my numbers and I am thinking my endo is going to be happy. I have been told to lose weight for a long time, but nothing I did ever worked and now it is happening without trying. One I first got diagnosed I lost 50 pounds and had no clue how I did it. Then 3 hospital visit and years of steroids I gain back that weight again. I do feel like a yo- yo at times. This summer with just making sure I do eat I have lose some weight or at least my pants now fall down to my knees if I don’t put on a belt. I refuse to step on a scale for another week than I will see 3 doctors and they all will weigh me. Today my I walk about 5 miles or at least my pedometer says.