Want to help the JDRF without actually doing anything =)

www.goodsearch.com is a search engine similar to that of Google; however on Goodsearch you select a charity such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; which is my choice; & then each time you make a search they donate i believe it is a penny; it may just be a penny but it does add up - imagine how many times ppl search; and if you just refresh the page before searching again it will donate; its really simple & you can help donate to the cause even if you cant yourself; pass the word if you would like =)

Also, Orange Juice or Cherry Juice is a good thing if you get lows in the night to try to prevent waking up with a low; i had heard of that before and my b/f had done it - then on a JDRF advertisement type thing Mary Tyler Moore had commented that she actually does that, too =)