Wanted - Bayer Data Cable

If anyone has a Bayer data cable they don’t need any more, I’m more than willing to take it off your hands :slight_smile: Or extra lancets, or Breeze 2 strips you cant use anymore.

Here in Canada : I called the 1-800 number for an USB cable for my Bayer Contours recently ; arrived about 3 weeks later, December 2009 , in the mail and NO CHARGE…I am registered with Bayer , when I got the meter quite some time ago . I now have the WinGlucofacts Professional 3.04 Program …a Professional I am not and have not figured out yet , how to get the info from my 2 pumps : one the Contour Link and other Contour downloaded .Maybe I have the wrong program ?
Have you tried calling Bayer ? Hope this helps .

We have to pay for the cable, in the USA. And they don’t take debit cards. :confused: How ridiculous is that?! They led me along for weeks and weeks, calling me and saying my card was declined, but never telling me that they do not take debit cards… Just that I needed to call my bank; and my bank said everything was fine on their end! :confused: I had to find out from some fine print on their site that they do not take them. How could their costumer service not know this, when they work with it every day is a mystery to me.

About the Programs, there is a regular version of their software for home users, which is not as complicated as the professional version. It’s free of charge to download at the WinGlucofacts website. Maybe that might be easier to work with. http://www.winglucofacts.com/

Are we ever fortunate in Canada …I called Bayer today , the 1-800 number on the back of my Contour and discussed the USB cable ( re your predicament ) …the chap reminded me, that US customers have to pay , he thought , $ 25,00 , while we can get the cable for FREE . He also said, that we would have the professional program . I appreciate you giving the website here , for me to check out the simpler version and I made note of this .Thank you :wink:
And I also noted a typo in my 1 st. message …ment info from my to meters NOT 2 pumps
I read, that you are sore : you fell on the ice …hope OK by now ??