Wanting to reuse the same sensor

I am the type of person who would want to change my sensor after 7 days but I'm in CNA class right now and not sure if I can change my sensor first thing as I need to do th 2 BG readings or do it after work which is at 9pm but my sensor may end sooner than that. So If I were to reuse the sensor, what would I do? I may change it out Wednesday before bed but wanted to see what I would need to do if I wanted to use the sensor for a 2nd week and what tape thingy would I need and where would I get it?


Whenever you want to you may go into the menu and scroll to the bottom and select "stop sensor" then go back into the menu and select "start sensor" as if you'd put in a new sensor. You can do this whenever. You only need tape if it starts to peel off and then I've used anything from IV 3000 to just medical tape purchased from the local pharmacy. Good luck!

Amy, like Rebecca says, just go to the menu and hit stop sensor then restart it like you do when you put it on new. That will automatically give you 7 days unless your sensor dies out before then. If you wanted to do that the day before your class and change the sensor the following day if you don’t want to leave them in 2 weeks, that would work. I don’t have much luck on extending my sensors too long.

I like the Opsite Flexifix tape. You can get that at American Diabetes Wholesale – it was cheaper from them paying shipping than what my local medical supply place charged. Most people like the 4 inch but I like the 2 inch better & it is cheaper.


Thanks guys. I may change it after work on weds and just set my alarm for me to do the bg readings. That might make it easier for me.

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Thanks for the tip, Natasha!

I find that I can use a sensor for two weeks and that the results during the second week agree better with my meter than those in the first week. Strange but true, at least for me.


My sensor also gives better readings around the beginning of week 2, but starts going wonky again on about day 12 or 13. I just use Skin-Tac when I put on a new sensor, and despite showers everyday, most of the time the sensor holds on and stays pretty darn good for the entire 14 days.