Warm insulin

Had a fantastic day at the Preakness horse races. Was the first time I've been out in the heat all day with my insulin. Was about 80+ degrees and I had my novolog pen in my pocket all day. Am concerned the hot weather combined with body heat in my pocket may have ruined the insulin. Makes me realize I better get some frio wallets-- but in the mean time, do you think I should throw that novolog pen away-- or should it still be good?

My guess is it should be fine. I use Novolog in my pump and it is exposed to similar temps, and still works ok. Novolog is approved for up to 6 days in insulin pump. How many days does your pen last ?

After injecting for a meal, maybe check your BG at 1-2 hours to be sure.

My guess is it is probably ok as well. As suggested above I might test a little more frequent at first just to make sure, but I think it will probably be ok.