Warnings popping up

Some of the software guys are getting freaked out because there are internet warnings popping up all over the place.

They ask that everybody have their medications stocked up, gas in the car, and stay away from government buildings on Jan 17th…just incase something strange happens.

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January 17th?


Well we made it passed dec17.
I hope the world comes to its senses by Jan 17
However I’m not so hopeful.
I can’t really stock up on anything because my insurance dictates how much of stuff I can have.

Sounds to me like your software guys have too much time on their hands. “Gas in the car”? Ha, I live countryside and a full tank of gas would only keep me going by car for a few days. “Just in case something strange happens”? We live in strange times and strange new things happen almost on a daily basis. I really look forward to strange events as they always lead to a vast new set of opportunities.

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Right and what is up with real estate?
My neighbors house went for 100,000 over the asking price that already seemed inflated.
I could not afford to live in my neighborhood anymore if I wasn’t already here.
Things are just weird

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Yes, inflation is raging as you are seeing and just not showing up in the govt. numbers yet.

Sorry, Jan 17th.
I changed it. Low BG.

By ‘Strange’ they mean bad.
Could be nothing.
The warnings are nondescript and are kinda idirectly threatening violence.
Good to have meds…just in case.
I’m having a heck of a time getting Dexcoms, but I’ll make a stronger effort now.

This post should be attributed to low BG.
There are internet threats, but I wouldn’t have made this post if my BG was normal.
I got the freak outs.


Mohe0001, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have “NETWORK CONNECTIVITY PROBLEMS” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LinpRhB4aWU

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Other people have mentioned this.
This means that groceries are expensive?
What does this do? Does it make a recession?
We are in a global recession, right? But, maybe that goes away after vaccination?

“This means that groceries are expensive?” - yes price of groceries and all consumer goods have been and are steadily rising with no downturn in sight.

“What does this do?” - Increases the spread between the number of people who “have” and those that “have not” or as they say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Huge opportunities abound that create a new group of super-rich folks partly by luck and partly through hard work. But the general population suffers.

“Does it make a recession?” - No, there is no guaranteed nexus between inflation and recession.

“We are in a global recession, right?” - I don’t see it. All I see is that my factories in China, India and the US can barely keep up with demand and labor shortages are a global problem, especially in the US. If a person is looking for a job and has a pulse, we hire them much to our long term detriment. I also see the USD has been gradually declining in value overseas at a slow but consistent rate for quite a while now. I could go on a long rant but it would not serve any purpose.

“But, maybe that goes away after vaccination?” - No, Covid is a nice excuse but our deep underlying problems have festered for quite a while before Covid and just keep growing.

Does this cause inflation because there is not enough product being produced?

China’s economic growth is slowing, right?
The kids here used to flood to China for jobs because it was easier to find work there than in the US because their economy was gangbusters. But, I don’t see that sentiment, now. It’s partially due to poorer relationship between our 2 countries and, of course, covid. But, I thought that it was not the land of milk and honey anymore for some reason (slower economic growth).

I’m seeing a huge uptick in hiring here. It was crickets for months. Now, I’m getting 5 calls a day. I’m getting so many interviews that I can’t take them all and have to let some go on a 1st come, 1st serve kinda basis. I’ve come to understand that there is a seasonality to hiring. They are doing all their hiring at the start of the new year. I wish someone would have told me that’s how it worked. These are the things I guess you learn through experience. I guess that Jan is when company budgets are allocated and plans are developed for a years worth of work. They hire their people now.

I was starting to make plans to move to India for work…

“Does this cause inflation because there is not enough product being produced?” Yes, insufficient manufacturing output due to a large extent to the lack of manufacturing labor. Unions and management just can’t come to terms on labor rates to continue to produce goods at a price that is attractive to the rest of the world. Additionally, there is currently a crisis in the availability of shipping containers in all Asian seaports and the container shipping lines have effected massive ocean freight price increases. For many commodities, the cost to ship from Asia exceeds the price of the goods in the container. Containers that were costing in the $2,500 range just a few months ago are now going for $10,000. Many of us are holding huge amounts of inventory in our Asian warehouses hoping ocean freight will come down after Chinese New Year, but I am doubtful we will see more than a token reduction, hence cost increases = price increases to the consumer. And don’t talk to me about “Buy American” as even the goods we manufacture here require raw materials, and sub-component parts not available in the US.

“China’s economic growth is slowing, right?” Yes, that is true, however, they still continue to grow at a stunning rate compared to our US anemic growth rate, to a large extent due to their growing middle class that now can afford (through hard work which is quite lacking in the US) more and better higher-end consumer goods.

“The kids here used to flood to China for jobs because it was easier to find work there” - That was true when the Chinese needed us but no longer true now that they have begged, borrowed, stolen, and developed their own technologies

“I was starting to make plans to move to India for work” - You would not believe the number of brilliant, well educated, software developers in India driving cabs and doing menial tasks who would jump at an opportunity to work 70-80 hours a week for a compensation package of $1200 - $1500 per month. Companies like ours moved our IT to our offices in India many years ago, not for the cost savings, but it was the only way we could get our IT projects done on time. The cost savings everyone talks about was just the icing on the cake. Work here if you can, the financial and work/life balance will be far better than in Asia.


Inflation hits people harder than anybody realizes until it’s too late. People on a fixed income (retirees, disabled, unemployed) are always hit the hardest. Inflation can easily bankrupt people who do not have a constantly rising income that will keep up. Once a person retires out of the work force there is little they can do to protect against future inflation because your savings in the bank lose their buying power.

A job is the best protection against inflation because (hopefully) income can rise and keep up with prices. Some misguided people recommend going into debt (big mortgage, car payments etc.) because inflation makes it easier to make the future payments but this is bad advice. The problem is a lot of jobs disappear once the inflation kicks in and starts to hurt business. Laid off people can’t make the payments. And nobody will want to or be able to refinance when interest rates are 10-15%.

My theory is the federal government secretly wants high inflation because they think it will wash away the federal debt. The $25 trillion can be paid back with monopoly money that is almost worthless. They will never say this out loud but it is the only way the national debt can be paid off.


People are starting to ‘crack up.’ I’m taking some really kinda alarming phone calls where people don’t quite sound like themselves. Some people are sad and some people are mad and some people are just desperately confused. I think that the trauma of death flu and its resulting events are really getting to people. I think there is need for some type of National stress debriefing.

Illness makes a lot of things happen that are beyond everybody’s control. It makes a lot of unanticipated financial stressors pop up out of nowhere. It makes people not be able to work certain jobs. We know all of this. But, I still find myself struggling to say anything useful to anyone. I just let them vent.

I feel like we, as diabetics who deal with this stuff all the time, should have some sort of useful perspective that is helpful to people that we can relay. I just can’t put my finger on it. I know that we all reach out all the time to help people struggling with illness. We are helpful. What am I supposed to say to people? What do I say to people who don’t have any experience dealing with the sudden, all encompassing, life changing influence/presence of illness? What do I say to people who do?

It feels like there is trauma bubbling right below the surface, in every direction, from everyone. Its different than over the summer. I think that’s because its more long term, sustained trauma & stress. It is thus more concerning. I think that once people are vaccinated there’s gonna be some ‘processing’ that takes place. I think we need to vaccinate very quickly.


The internet is a reflection of the real world.

The internet is ‘hot’ right now. Backup your data.
Make sure you have insulin & dog food supplies…just incase.
There’s just general sentiments of ill will floating about.
There have been formal warnings issued, now.

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We have FBI warnings issued for MI and MN. Check your state. Our papers can be a little partisan. I apologize for that in advance if anybody’s offended, but its just where I live. You gotta check your state for any warnings that might have been issued.

I can’t keep up on all this. Too busy. Even a bunch of us working on it cant keep up.
Nobody knows who the boogaloos are, but they are alleged to already be in town. I thought the snowstorm would keep them out.

I was really scared because I got the buggaloos confused with the juggalos - the followers of that old Insane Clown Posse band that dressed up dead babys in clown makeup. Why does the name sound so similar? Who’s coming to town? I’m scared its those ICP guys.

Holy crap! They have been to Michigan before. I’m scared.

These guys already have presence in MN and MI. They can survive in the snow. We might have real problems coming to town. I think Detroit is coming to town. I think Detroit Xers are coming.

Are you sure u don’t mean the bugaloos

This is it. This is who’s coming to town. Concrete evidence. Indisputable proof.
I needed a face for the name. This is less scary than those guys in clown makeup (who I’ve always been afraid of). We can handle these bugaloos. We can handle this.

Thank you for clarifying the FBI warnings, Tim. Its still a bit confusing. But, we are making progress on sorting this out.