Warts and all

For as long as I can remember and that is not all that long these days I have had a growth /wart what ever you call it next to my nose, sometimes it gets bigger and becomes sore but I noticed yesterday it has completly gone not a sign of it, it is a bit worrying because every day I shave I try to avoid it cutting it is not a good idea but where it has suddenly gone I have not the fainteast idea, I had a rash lilke razor burn on my lover face and chin for some weeks and thought it might be the new drug victoza but the diabetic doctor said he had never heard of it and recommended a shampoo called nizoral I had been using a shampoo called selsun for years just to keep the itching from my scalp eyebrows chest well any where where hair grew even there.

Because of the rash on my face and chin I had grabbed at anything to hlep the soreness this included sudocrem cussoms baby lotion even the wifes olay with her permission of course otherwise i would have had to sit on the naughty chair, so to be 100% honest I do not know waht helped the wart/growth go.

I am a bit of a hpercodriac sad to say but it is baffling to know what has caused the wart/growth to go even 2 others on the other side of my face seem to be going never as prominent as the one by my nose but painful if you accidently ran the razor over them stopping htem bleeding was a problem as bleeding is with most cuts these day.

Has cutting the insulin down by 50% attributed to it who knows need horizen to do a tv programme about it the disapearing wart, leading scientists could argue clinical tests could be done but as it is I am grateful the warts/growths have gone is it good or bad i do not know might ask jeeves.

Seem to be free of down in the dumps feelings right now better not speak too soon classical music playing not a fan myself but always good to broaden one's mind so they say.

It is weird but warts are viruses and they will disappear so it’s not a bad thing.