Hi All, Kennedy has a couple of small plantar warts on the bottom of her foot, I notice that the package inserts on cantharidin ( african beetle juice) and histofreeze both say to NOT use on diabetics... HMMMM.... What have your endo's recommended for wart removal??

PS I am a pediatrician, the two above treatments are NOT for home use!!

Thanks, natalie

Basically any item that is meant for feet has a warning for diabetics on there. From what I've heard, it's really for these companies to protect themselves from potential lawsuits from diabetics who have neuropathy and might not be able to feel if they were having some adverse reaction on their feet from the product. Even those band-aid brand blister band-aids say not to use on diabetics! Have you checked with the dermatologist? I bet you'll find out both products are fine to use ... keep us posted!

My son T1 8 yrs old has 2 big warts on his big toe. We took him to a podiatrist who prescribed a blistering agent we put on at night and in the morning. We have been doing it about a week, and it seems to be getting better.

I had a plantar wart that I couldn't tolerate another moment & went to a podiatrist for removal. This was after trying several OTC treatments. He used Canthacur (assuming this may be the brand name for cantharidin). Potent stuff, but it worked. Felt like my foot was on fire, but the wart was gone & never returned.

Hi Natalie ~

I agree with the others, that sometimes these package warnings are meant to more protect the company that produces the drug, rather than warn the user who has special circumstances. My advice to you is to try to use your professional network and consult with a reputable endocrinologist in your area. He/She can recommend something related to the subject, and direct you to more professional medical information that you will be able to understand.

I hope you are well.

Brian Wittman