Was So excited I got the WRONG METER to go with my DEXCOM

I made a mistake… Igot the One Touch ultra 2 instead of Just the Ultre Meter… So at 9:30 I did Sensor in and then realize that I had the wrong meter… So I had to drive, 45 min one way and 45 min back to my home, to get the right meter at 10:15 pm had some problems at first but I got it everything working by 3:39 this morning… I was out until 8:30 am, I got up and the DEXCOM was gray out… I think the sensors failed, I didn’t wake up… Called the DEXCOM Tech Support… She said start over with a new sensor or wait until Monday to call my Endo and set up a training with them… I really don’t want to do that because I live 4 hours away from my Endo… But I want to get things going right… I’m mad at myself!!! My mom has always say to me was " I’m to impatient"… I’ll keep you posted!