Watch this space

It is true cat's can get anywhere this morning I pulled the front cover off on one of the drawers in our clothing chest off drawers, do not know my own strength at times or just heavy handed as the wife often tells me.

I have managed to stick the pieces together with hard as nails hope that does it, fingers crossed a small prayer might help as well.

In the meantime smudge who as you know is a curious about everything decided the inside of the drawer would be a nice place to explore and have 40 winks, wood working is not one of the skills I was born with so the drawer might be ok or on the other hand it might be another botched carpentry job I have a reputation for.

Some men are good with there hands, I have always been a thinker, think I will put that job on the list of things to do, action man I am not but it takes all kinds to make this world tick, smudge is fast asleep snugled up on my jumpers and cardigans hope she is comfy but as long as my cat is happy who cares we have plenty of space in the wardrobe.


Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Hi Smudge! From Madeline, Kathleen’s cat.

So cute! Cats really do find amazing places to rest and can be kind of stupid about it too!.. at my parents place…the guest bed somehow got torn on the bottom (the box springs part) and so the cats used to crawl up in there.
A few months ago I was cooking and while the fridge door was closing my cat had crawled in to the lowest shelf (where I store any opened canned food) and the door shut on him. Luckily I saw it and let him out… and now he steers clear…