Waterproof case

Anyone have any good recommendations for waterproof case that could hold a one touch mini glucometer, a glucagon kit, an insulin pen, some clif shot blocks, and a power bar for a few-hour kayak or rafting excursion down a river? Looking for the smallest possible one that will stand up to the elements. Nothing too rough, but still, have to protect the goods!




I wouldn't submerge anything underwater for very long (if you do it will leak tiny amounts of water inside over a period of time) but they are waterproof. I use them for my pump and dexcom receiver when I am going to the beach and whatnot.

You could just use a dry sack which I also use sometimes for more gear:


I use Alosaks for small things, and drybags it I need more than a pockets worth. I just did some kayaking and kept a small drybag attached to the deck with my dexcom and sugar, with another larger one with food, meter, cell phone than I just push forward of my feet. Make sure to trap some air in the drybags too, since you won't want them to sink if they aren't physically attached to the kayak.

I've also used drybags for snorkeling. I tied a thin line around my waist and to the bag, and just pulled that 5ft past my feet when swimming. Worked great when I was trying to snorkel a quarter mile out to an island.

Thanks for the advice. They all look good. It's just finding one that's the right size!