Wavesense presto

Is one of the cheapest test strips on the market!!! I saw them today for about 16.49 for 50 strips! That’s cheaper then the reli on brand at walmart!! My favorite things about this meter or 1. no coding 2. takes blood well 3. has a back light 4. fairly good screen. Now it also does averages, graphs, and alarms you can set. Their claim to fame is: Dynamic Electrochemistry.
Go check it out! meter is about 16 at walmart.

why only three days. I only test 6x a day, before and after meals. I don’t even test when i feel low, i just eat something. And if i get on the high side i try to fix it after a meal or whenever i test again. I don’t want to be ruled by testing and test strips because things like actually living can actually raise or lower your sugars anyway.

That is Interesting! The cheapest strips in Germany (50 strips) cost 17€ = 25$.

wow,that’s one meter that is hard to find here.but I am on a great insurance,I tell the endo I already have 10 boxes home,he insists to right 5 another ones!
I also can get it for free here,so expense is not a problem at all here,.by the way,that meter looks cool!

I was able to improve my bg control and A1C by testing more. I only tested 12 times a day. I should have tested as often as Dave.