Wayne5's T2 path of discovery....all are welcome


This is “wayne5’s T2 path of discovery…all are welcome.” thread. In this thread there is no “off topic” because my experiences and your experiences are the topic. I had hoped to start this thread with a wonderful story about having 3 days in a row of about 100 to about 140 blood glucose readings last week but Saturday came and well…my wife said “Wayne, what’s that rectangular lump in your stomach?”…“I had this revelation dear, that the refrigerator was evil and must die…so I ate it.” Here it is Monday and I’m picking up the pieces of my resolve and turning over a new lief and throwing it in the pile.


We all suffer setbacks with our glucose control efforts. What counts even more is the tenacity to get right back on task and use the knowledge gained by failure to inform tactics going forward.


Hi Terry4! Thanks for your response. You are a frequent poster and in my mind that makes you an important person here. Frequent posters make a form relevant.

This mornings BG was 128 (back down from the 180’s of the week end) and my after breakfast number was 137. I had 2 eggs fried in olive oil and a small ribeye, with coffee, heavy cream and monk fruit sweetener. It’s 3:00 pm right now and I have had no feelings of hunger, I skipped lunch.

My goal is to loose about 25 pounds because I think that will have a big effect on my T2.


That’s a great goal, but not always easy. While I am a T1D, I’ve read many stories of people with T2D who use a low carb way of eating to lose weight and some of them get off of all diabetes medications, including insulin. They put T2D into remission.

Dr. Eric Westman has promoted this treatment for T2Ds and people struggling with obesity. He has used ketogenic diets successfully with his patients for many years.


Thanks Terry4, I found the video very informative. I don’t know much about the Keto diet, contrary to what people might think. AND I certainly don’t want this thread to become just another battle ground in the diet wars. Its a thread mostly about personal experiences. Soooo this is a good place to put my personal experience with my Keto-ish diet.

About 14 months ago, give or take, I was on a forum with a lady that was really into the Keto diet. She encouraged me to try it. So I tried the parts I liked and didn’t do the parts I didn’t like. She told me it wouldn’t work that way…but she was wrong.

I have gone on many diets in my life but they all failed…I say failed because I quickly gained back more than I lost. So just loosing weight didn’t mean a lot to me. I started out eating 6 pieces of thick cut cherrywood bacon with coffee, coffee mate creamer, and 2 spoons of sugar. I cooked extra bacon encase I got hungry during the day…I found I didn’t need it. The heavy breakfast lasted me to dinner without hunger. I still got sick of bacon in a week or so and went to beef…small fillet and eggs…At dinner I kinda avoided some carbs but not that much, I ate my normal crappy diet. Now I was still drinking 2…3 regular sodas a day on this diet and tea with sugar. I’m not sure I ever went into Ketosis. I lost…slowly…30 pounds over 2 months. Then I just watched my weight, if I gained a couple of pounds I went back on the diet, if not I ate anything that didn’t eat me first. I kept the 30 pounds off easily for 12 months. I say easily because I was never hungry. I didn’t exercise at all. I get a lot of exercise during the Spring to Fall time but I have a hard time finding exercises I can do during the Winter.

I skipped lunch, I usta chow down during lunch, its possible by accident I was eating a low cal diet by stopping eating when I felt full and having a very dense breakfast that carried me to dinner. I’m not sure.

Now I was very worried when I got my blood test that my cholesterol would be through the roof but it was dead center of normal, my HDLs were low and LDLs were hight and I read that this was common for Keto. I was low on sodium, again this was common on Keto. I was low on B vitamins (B12) also common on Keto. I have substituted olive oil for some of my butter intake, and uped my salt intake and I’m taking a B complex supplement. We will see what the next blood test says.

I was shocked when the tech told me my blood pressure was "normal". I made him take it again. I was sure all that red meat was going to kill me right off.

Now I thought in the back of my mind that I was close to being diabetic or diabetic out right back then. I had symptoms, neuropothy in my feet was the big one. I had a family history. BUT we all know that your not diabetic until a doctor say you are, LOL!

I wasn’t about to go to a doctor until I had no choice…cataracts got me…I was getting to the point that I was going to have to stop driving…sooooooo…I went to the doctor to make sure I was healthy enough to have surgery. Busted! I didn’t eat or drink any thing from 6:00 pm to almost 11:00 am the next day when they took my blood and my BG was still 175. My new doctor wagged her finger at me and pointed at the test…“You are diabetic and you need exercise and for God’s sake add some chicken and fish to your diet.” I felt so shabby.

So Terry4, I am interested in your stories about being T1D. I hope I will make my T2 a lot better for a long time but my family history tells me its very likely I will end up T1 before I die so I’m really interested.


I didn’t post the link to the Westman video to fuel any dietary controversy. You had indicated in an earlier comment that you were eating eggs and ribeye for breakfast and that type of food choice is typical of someone who chooses to eat low carb, high fat.

Your drinking 2-3 sugar sodas per day and adding sugar to tea confuses me. This is not ketogenic. Ketosis occurs when carbohydrate consumption is low (somewhere around less than 20-50 grams/day) and provides the body with ketones, a legitimate and healthy fuel source.

I think eating a low carb diet is an effective and reasonable tactic to deal with a failing glucose metabolism. By the way, using insulin does not define whether someone is T1D or T2D. Most people who take insulin have T2D due to it being a much larger demographic than T1D. T1D is characterized as an autoimmune disease; T2D is more complicated and most people with T2D, not all, have large insulin resistance.

I’m a firm believer that food is medicine. Low carb, high fat is not the only way to deal with diabetes. Dr. Bernstein recommends low carb, high protein. More recently some people advocate for the plant-based high carb, low fat way of eating. I’m still a little skeptical about the blood glucose performance on that diet for people with diabetes but many are reporting promising results.

Good luck with managing your diabetes!


Tuesday morning. Forgot to take my Metformin last night. Forgot to take my last BG reading as well. I am at 145 this morning and 239 after breakfast…Jimmy Dean biscuit, egg, cheese, sausage and coffee with real sugar. So much for jumping back on top of things. This is my first time experiencing “I’m sick and tired of this stuff.” and its only been a little over a month…T2 may be harder to deal with than I thought.


I don’t live with T2D, but I do think it’s harder to live with than most people realize. When someone characterizes T1D as the harder type of diabetes, I often respond, “There’s an easier kind?”

Don’t get discouraged! Experiment to find what works for you. Why not eat the same breakfast tomorrow without the biscuit and sugar in the coffee and see what happens with post-meal glucose? The food you give up will be traded for valuable personal metabolic information. That knowledge might provide you with motivation to experiment with your food choices. Some people call this, “eating to your meter.”

Did you know that some people make biscuits using a low-carb flour like almond flour? Most high carb foods have a corresponding low carb alternative.


Thanks for the encouragement Terry4. I have just been over loaded with the cataract surgery and the T2 at the same time. Eye drops on a schedule and BG readings…stabbing and dropping all day…and no exercise because of the surgery, don’t want to shake something loose. I prepared my customers for this so I don’t have work in the way at least, but I have another month of this, next eye on the 17th. I wish I could start all over, and I may well start all over. It wouldn’t have killed me if I had taken the first month with no Metformin and just eat and test to nail down the foods that were ok and those that were not, then added the Metformin so I could get a clear idea of the effectiveness it would have on me. Now my food experimentation is just screwing up my next a1c reading. Complain complain complain…I will be patient and it will all shake out eventually.


Wednesday…a new day…good news today. My BG has settled down, morning 115 and all the pukey feelings from the weekend are gone. I’m shifting breakfast 2 hours today to get a boost from the increase in fasting time. I tried it before and it worked and made my base line BG lower for a couple of days.
I also have good news about my pants size…I fit in my 36" pants without exploding. I’m at 218, that makes about 15 pounds less than when I started. That’s 45 pounds less than 2 years ago…over 260…obese for 6’2". Butter Bob (search for Butter Bod on Youtube) says that weight loss and exercise are separate issues and you don’t have to exercise to loose weight. I have found that he’s right. I’m never going to do cardio exercise much less run a 10k. But I will get below 200 pounds.


I agree with this point. While exercise is essential to better health, it is definitely not a weight loss tactic. It will make you hungry, however. Congrats on your ongoing weight-loss. You are doing yourself a big favor. It’s hard to lose weight. It’s not a simple calories-in versus calories-out dynamic. We are hormone-driven systems and do not operate according to the law of thermodynamics.


Thanks againTerry4. What you wrote was so clear and simple. And most of the people in America wouldn’t understand a word you said. Heck, I wouldn’t understand what you said a few months ago. I have to give credit to the Metformin for half the weight loss. If I knew what I know now 10 or 15 years ago I might never have become T2. I couldn’t loose weight because I starved and I exercised.


I haven’t posted for a day or so. Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and my right eye is 20/20. I have to keep an eye on my eye because my T2 can do bad things to my retina. I have been looking for things to drink during the day. I like water by I get tired of the same thing over and over. I’m sipping on V8 juice now, the sugar is low and salty taste good to me. I’m low on sodium anyway. My BG is back down to 110 to 147 +/- day before yesterday and today but I went to Arby’s after my appointment yesterday…mistake. I go back to my GP on Monday and I am sure when she sees my log she’s going to wag her finger at me. And next Thursday I get the left eye operation…and start the eye drops all over…dropping and stabbing…all day long. I can’t wait to go back to work.


Getting ready for my left eye operation. I fasted 24 hours from Sunday to Monday and it really did work for me. lowered my morning GB last two days. Saw my GP Monday and she was very happy with my progress so far. Going back in March to get blood tests. Tried to talk to her about replacing the Metformin. She didn’t want to talk about it. I have some reservations about the Metformin and I will replace it eventually, if I can show it doesn’t make my BG go up.


Good luck on this.


Thanks Terri4, tomorrow morning. After my eyes settle down I think I’m going to try the Baking Soda cure. I’ve seen all the explanations about how it isn’t good but there are a lot of stories about how it works, so I will see for myself.


Yea! I’m 20/20 in both eyes now! Still putting in eye drops but I’m on the down hill leg.

Earlier in the week I had a few days of extreme low energy. All I wanted to do was sleep, acky joints, nausea…quit the Metformin and it all went away. I’ve been on high alert with my BG readings ever sense and I can’t see any difference without the Metformin so I’m going to stay off it. Had almost a week of morning BG readings of 100 or less.

Had one bad day and tracked it down to Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Everything has sugar in it! After I feel like I’m sure the Metformin isn’t making any difference I’m going to cut back on the blood testing. I have a good feel for what foods I can eat now and I predict the blood sugar reading with a high accuracy.

Going to mornings and evenings for testing. I"m going to focus on weight loss now.

My neuropathy in my feet is a lot better. I’ve been taking an Aleve every night and I can sleep for a change. Can’t weight to get to exercise, no exercise for another week because of the eye thing.


Congrats on getting a great outcome. Waking up under 100 is a positive thing. Interesting that stopping Metformin coincided with the disappearance of bad symptoms. It sound like you’re on a good track now.


Thank you Terry4. I hope so. I want to live by my meter. If it says I’m ok then I’m ok. I wasn’t sure it was the Metformin until I stopped. I may go back on it someday and live with the side effects if I get to the point that I can’t control my blood sugar with diet. But then I will know if its doing me any good.


I haven’t posted for a while…I used my home A1c test and got 5.6…don’t know if its accurate but it looks good compared to 9.7. I ordered some Berberine because I have hit a plateau on my weight loss. Summoning my courage to do a one day fast…could be two…to get my morning numbers lower…in the 115 range right now…I’m stopped taking readings all day because I know what foods do what to my blood sugar so I just monitor morning and evening unless I try some new food. My feet are keeping me up at night and I haven’t found any answer for that yet. I just finished my last eye drops and don’t have to go back to the eye doctor for six months…I can exercise now. I noticed new diabetes drugs advertised on TV and a study dissing Metformin. Just like the Medical system to start edging out Metformin so they can soak people with very expensive new drugs. First they make us sick with fake nutritional information, then they sell us the fix…forever.