WDF joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Indonesia

Even this posting is not a fresh article, but I feel this article should be recorded here to let my friends know more about what we have done in Indonesia to aware the diabetes.

The walk is all about bringing focus on diabetes, this year it exceeded all expectations. Dr Anil Kapur, Managing Director of the World Diabetes Foundation, joined the Global Diabetes Walk in Jakarta as part of a visit to Indonesia, where he also had the opportunity to meet with the First Lady of Indonesia and the Health minister as part of a small delegation of diabetes stakeholders.

Dr. Kapur’s experience was that the walks held in Indonesia were a great success, living up to the idea of drawing attention to diabetes and thereby creating awareness in the general public and among decision makers.
Initiator of the walk Dr. Sidartawan and Dr Anil Kapur flagged off one of the 39 walks conducted in Indonesia on the 14 November 2006.

Bogor, Jakarta, 14 November

The Walk in Bogor, a suburb of Jakarta, was arranged by the Diabetes Association of Indonesia, Presadia, and the Diabetes Educators Association of Indonesia. About 370 people were present and ready to walk. Among them the head and sub head of the Diabetes sub division of NCD department MOH and staff from Novo Nordisk A/S.
Walking united is the tool to achieve the goal of spreading knowledge about diabetes. This certainly happened during the rest of the World Diabetes Day due to massive media exposure. Mr. Kapur and Dr. Sidartawan participated in a live talk show “Good Morning Indonesia” on a local TV Channel “Trans TV”, and a press conference attended by 30 journalists from the local media, resulted in several local TV channels and newspapers covering the walk in the following days. In Indonesia 10,500 people joined the Global Diabetes Walk.

WDF was praised for its support in Indonesia
On the 16 November the importance of diabetes prevention was underlined at the Presidential Palace. The wife of the President of Indonesia and also a senior leader of the ruling political party, Mrs Kristiani Herawati met with a delegation of eight people, including Dr. Kapur, representing different diabetes stakeholders.

The First Lady welcomes Dr. Kapur

The Minister of Health and Director of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) also attended the meeting and Ms Herawati showed a lot of interest in the topic. Dr. Anil Kapur conveyed to her the importance of prevention and access to care and consequences of diabetes in matters of health and economy. He stressed the importance of targeting the schools, work places and women’s health in order to approach primary prevention aspects to relieve the burden of diabetes in the future generations.

The First Lady thanked the WDF for the support for the ongoing projects in Indonesia focusing on education and prevention programs, asking the Health minister and the NCD Director to fully support and prioritize the programs.
One of the eight members of the group contributed with his own diabetes story; Felix the IDF youth ambassador from Indonesia told Mrs Herawati his story of how he used to be obese and with a family history of diabetes developed diabetes himself. He had learned the hard way about healthy living. He has now shed 25 Kgs and does not need any medications. When asked about his future plans “ I love food and want to be a chef and promote the concept of healthy wholesome food” says the bright young man with a determined smile on his face.

Thank you for your hard work
Worldwide, the Global Diabetes Walk was attended by an estimated 180,000 people participating from 60 different countries. The World Diabetes Foundation is grateful for all the hard work that is put into the Walk from coordinators, health care professionals, sponsors and participants and wishes to thank you all.
We feel confident that the message of diabetes is spreading at a fast pace due to your efforts.