We are NOT all in the same boat

We are not in the same boat, but, we are all in the same storm.

Many similar issues but we each find unique pieces and parts that we have to deal with. My boat.
I am dealing with BS, BP, liver issues, diet issues, which monitor do I use, what drugs do I take, visit the Gastro doctor – so familiar to us all. But I have so many unique complications to each story. My boat.

These days with the world going a little crazy with the ‘big storm’, I try to remember a few things so I don’t implode - deal with my ‘boat’.

  1. Can we all be more kind. I try to find something nice to say or something nice to do for someone else each day. Everybody seems to be so mean right now (diabetics do not need that stress)
  2. Can we all stop judging. I am in the same storm but NOT in the same boat. What I do right now cannot be judged against your response. We have high risk people in my house so we stay home. I go out once a week. I mask always. I avoid high population areas. Don’t judge each other. We are all doing the best we can and making the calls that make sense to us.
  3. You are a good person. Its so easy to feel depressed/bad/failure during a time of isolation and uncertainty. I look in the mirror and tell myself I did not fall short, I am a good person, I am not lumpy (I felt lumpy and ugly yesterday - don’t ask), tomorrow will be better.
  4. Just when things look better we got bad storms. Really? Pandemic and racial unrest weren’t enough? Now bad weather? Sheesh! So #4 is about accept every day for what it brings, even when the day turns into a new challenge. I really wanted to go outside and sit in the sun. Not going to happen. So instead, read your book inside and have a lovely cup of tea and let it go.

So its all about mindset for me. Work on the things you can control. At school with my students I tell them that effort counts twice as much as talent. Its called GRIT.

We are not all in the same boat. BUT, we are in the same storm. Sail safely, friends.


Thank you so much for the reminder . May your day be filled with love and peace. Nancy50


Are people being mean?
I feel like I haven’t seen another human in months. They seem mean from a distance - they are driving really mean.

I know I’m a decent person, but man have I gotten ugly since pandemic flu set in. Quit brushing my hair (it started to form dread locks, and almost became un-brush-able. Even my hair began to riot), no makeup, pajama pants all day long.

I hear ya

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When I go out once a week, there are some really mean people – complaining bitterly about masks so they don’t wear them, not social distancing making me nervous to be out, pushing because the lines aren’t moving fast enough (stores are understaffed, doing their best), something not on the shelves so getting mean mouthed. It is impossible to share a smile so I give thumbs ups but its the little things – let someone in line, wait patiently, don’t get mean when someone gets confused and goes down the aisle the wrong direction. Those are just examples. We can do positive things. I made a meal and sent it to an at risk family on our street. It isn’t much but that was one less thing for them to deal with.

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You know what I’ve been doing? Might be kinda hard, but if the store opens at 6am, thats when I go. If they are open overnight then I go at 3am. Extreme social distancing might be called for until we see what happens with the spread in a few weeks.

No one here is social distancing anymore. They seem to believe that they dont need to if they wear a mask. IDK. Its not good.

Hang in there.

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Our stores reserve those times for seniors/high risk people. I’m not old enough for that group. I do try to pick “ow population” days and times for my weekly outing.