We are okay

All is fine here in Vicksburg, MS. The rain has just started and the winds are still relatively light. So larger gusts and with the ground already saturated and more rain from Isaac we could still be in for a rough time.

We are having minor power outages so I don't dare staying on too long.

I will be able to get my dialysis tomorrow. The center I go to has an emergency generator. Only one in the area other than the hospital.

So we are doing okay. Hopefully I can get on more tomorrow.

Thank y'all.


I was just about to come to ur page and ask how u are! I'm glad to hear ur altight. Keep us updated OK?

I glad to hear you are ok. I have my own personal story. I am supposed to be at a conference in New Orleans (NOLA) right now. On Monday, right after the conference started, they cancelled it. I attempted to get a flight out of NOLA, but it was canceled, as were the next 4 attempts at rescheduled flights. I had to rent a car and drive to Mongomery AL. About 5 hours later I checked into a hotel and took a 6am flight out the next morning.

So I am back home. I drive to Boston on Saturday to take my daughter to college. My biggest worry about the adventure? That I would not be home to drive to Boston. Is that sick?

I hope all those in the path of Isaac are safe. A storm like Isaac may be a hassle for most people, but for many of us, it can place us in great danger. Plan ahead and be safe.

Now don't that just grip ya. Get a all expense paid trip to the Big Easy and the conference gets cancelled and then you have to rive for 5 hours to get a flight.

I like NO. Not much on Bourbon Stree and the whole French Quarter thing. Buty I do like the Audobon.

thanks for the update Sparky. of course I've been thinking about you, and also whether Isaac would disrupt your dialysis schedule.

I've been to NOLA 11 times when I was working for the Navy. just loved it (except in August) enjoyed the food, the people, the architecture, the music.

Sparky I remember the drills we had to go through in case the power failed mid-run. I was always very confused about what tubes to clip, etc, and am certain that some of the very elderly and weak patients didn't have a clue.
When the state of Minn came for their annual inspection, they interviewed me because everyone else was sleeping. The lady asked what the most important thing to remember in case of emergency and I said, "don't walk away with the needles/tubes still attached.
The nurse manager later said she was glad somebody could answer the questions and that they got a good rating.
Stay safe, my friend.