We are open and listening... please, let us know what you think

As we get ready to move forward with the amazing photos that were submitted in the Diabetes Supplies Art Contest last month, we wanted to come back to all of you for feedback.

The main purpose behind the art contests we run in the community is to generate diabetes awareness materials. We believe that art is one of the tissues that brings community together. Art helps us to express, educate and learn: it is a catalyst, a healer and so much more…

So, Word in your Hand 07, Word in Your Hand 08, Drawing Diabetes and Diabetes Supplies Art, are community-generated content initiatives. We call them “contests” for lack of a better word, but what they really are is a channel for this community to let the world and ourselves know a little bit more of how diabetes touches our lives. These initiatives are aimed at helping us address the very real emotional issues that come hand in hand with diabetes.

In the past, after the official “contest” have been over, we have created short videos for Word in Your Hand Video and Drawing Diabetes Video. These have been posted in our own communities as well as many other related web sites. This has been a great way to promote our community’s work and efforts, as well as a means to reach to more people affected with diabetes and generate diabetes awareness among the general public.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation (responsible for TuDiabetes, EsTuDiabetes and all the above mentioned diabetes awareness programs) wants to hear your advice and comments. Our resources are limited but we strongly believe we can reach our goals better every day by listening to you.

We constantly get a lot of positive feedback but we have received some criticism from a few members, concerning the relevance of the awareness programs. Please let us know your thoughts.

We feel there is a lot of potential resulting from the amazing contributions of our community members, such as videos, cards, books, calendars and other printed materials in general. We have received some great ideas from very active members of the community. Sohair, for instance, has a great idea of a poetry book.

We are open and listening… thank you for your continued support!

I think it would be wonderful to have some sort of stationary set or card set. Also, posters would be wonderful. I would like to see some more diabetes awareness posters around in doctors’ offices and hospitals to encourage people to find out about their diabetes. Too many people are passive about their health care.
I hope this is what you were wanting. I’m not sure.

Those you mentioned are wonderful ideas. Think the videos are particularly effective & moving. Love Sohair’s suggestion! Cara’s idea for posters is great. In addition to the locations she mentioned, it would be good to have posters in schools, libraries, health depts & other public places. Let’s put Tu Diabetes on the sides of buses:)

I also the idea of notecards & note pads.

Awareness& posters need money.It will be nice to get own resources for our community to support diabetes cause.Getting others to share& support.
What about T shirts,kitchen towels,made cheaply in Mexico? with the pictures of diabetes supply art on them,sold to support the foundation every where.
A drug company donated 500 nice cotton T shirts to our department last year,we sold them to hospital staff,and money bought strips for diabetic kids. Drug companies are supportive

I’m actually looking into trying to put together some kind of art show in my community. I’m still in the ideas/planning stages, but SF has such a rich artistic community, that I would think you could find a venue or even multiple venues. The most complex and labor-intensive part would be gathering the artwork and displaying it. If the artwork were for sale, some portion of the proceeds could go to DHF.

WOA!!! Buses! Nice! :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you so much for the ideas, I will start organizing them, to later discuss with our team how can we make them a reality. Some of them will require more resources than others. Not only money, but labor, so an important part of this is to organize our volunteers first.

We are also creating a new unit, DHF Grassroots, many of this ideas could be part of those programs, since they will connect more our community on a local level.

Thank you so much, we will keep listening… :slight_smile: