We did it!

WE DID IT !!!!

Ladies and gentleman, you stepped up and we did it. Some said we never would and some said it would take two or three years. Well we did it. We had 10,000 views of the Sanofi supplied video and with that our site earned $10,000. It is an incredible day for celebration. Yesterday when Manny watched the video for the 10,000th time it was a thrill to know we were earning $10,000. We spread the video far and wide and as a result we earned the money. This comes on the heels of a successful fund raising campaign this past spring and it sets the stage for us to succeed in the in the auction.

So today we can celebrate. Today we can tell our friends, pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves a well dissevered high five. This money will be put to great use. It will help offset the cost of all manner of things including site maintenance, hardware, publications and payment of bills that a site like this incurs.

But even as amazing as this win was yesterday, tomorrow we have to get back to work. We know that our costs will continue and as such we have to continue to raise funds. In fact right now we have some big needs that really only volunteers can step in and fill.

One in particular is working with the coming auction. The truth is we do not have enough items at this point to have an auction. So how do we get there? Well first we need a person or people to research online companies that we can approach for donations. Before we can approach anyone for auction items we have to know the best companies approach. At this very moment, we are in dire need of people to volunteer their time to help identify which companies to approach and who in those companies will be good contacts.

I have no doubt we can have an incredible auction, but as I said right now we need volunteer help to make it happen. Yes we can be happy we made it. I know I am thrilled that you our members stepped up and made it possible. We never could have made it without you. You did a great job and we need to pat ourselves on the back today. All I can say is, that the people on this site had the will to produce those views. So yes we made it and we made it big and we need to be proud.

But just as important we need to step up all across the site and do more to keep our wonderful site going. We can be proud today, but tomorrow, please help. Tomorrow or the next day when you are asked to do something, please consider it and if you can please do it.
Oh and if you can help identify companies and people to ask for auction items or if you can help with the auction please send a note to JRTPUP, she needs your help. Then please bid on items that are rounded up. The best way to guarantee our site is for volunteers to continue to step up and do what needs to be done.

Yes today let’s celebrate, it is a big day. But tomorrow, we need to go back to work. Our site runs on volunteers, we thrive because of the energy and creativity you supply. We exist because you care. So today let’s celebrate, but tomorrow let’s go back to work. The future is bright; in fact like the song says today I might need shades, but tomorrow let’s go back to work. Believe me with the correct resources we have not seen anything yet.



THANKS SO MUCH for all your help, Rick!!!