We need a new image


So I’m thinking that the weird gray default image doesn’t really fit our group. In fact, it’s getting pretty old.

Here are some random pictures I pulled off the web. I’m sure between all of us we can do a lot better. So please, post any pics you have and maybe we can take a vote.

Renee, I hope you have that sugar packet picture handy!
9246-5557293.jpeg (29.4 KB)
9247-5557294.gif (10.2 KB)
9248-5557295.jpeg (35.7 KB)


Sara, I wish I did, but I think the last time I saw it was about 3 moves ago! I’ll hold my vote 'til I see what else the group comes up with!


I like the shoes best out of those images…


I like the shoes best too. I’ll see if I can find some others today - it’s going to be a quiet day at work!


Anybody else find a good image? I couldn't find much...


Stacie, I like that biker image. I have a pair of socks with something very similar :slight_smile:

I think it’s a little more eye-catching than the shoes so I’m putting it up for the time being. We can always change it, so please let me know if you disagree - and keep looking for great pictures!