Wear OS Upgrade + Dexcom G6

This isn’t a question so much as a heads up for anyone using the Dexcom G6 on Android paired with a Wear OS watch, that the system might only need a restart to continue functioning after the new system version upgrades on the watch.


I was waiting on the new Wear OS system version, Android 9 H MR2, as it brings battery enhancements, along with updates to the Wear OS system. I had tried to force the install via System Update, but it wasn’t until i left it charging overnight that it updated on its own.

I checked the update this AM, and the system version was increased from MR1 to MR2, but the Dexcom watch display was not working. This happens on some mornings, and I only need to open the phone for it to sync, but not this morning. I explored various connections but everything looked fine, so simply restarted both my phone and my watch. Not sure which was the problem, but it is working now.

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