Wearing an Insulin Pump in Court

I may have to go to court as a witness to a fatal wreck. Will I have any problems with wearing my Insulin Pump and CGM in a court room? I know the alerts can cause a disturbance.

It’s a medical device you need for your health, in other words, no.
You might want a letter from your doctor saying what it is, but I wouldn’t bother.
You can also turn off the alerts if you want to (or adjust the tolerances very wide), but I wouldn’t even do that.
you may have the same issues you would getting on a plane, depending on their security measures.

Thanks for the advice.

Can you just put your pump on vibrate?

you shouldn’t have any issues getting into court with medical devices. If you can run silent during the testimony that’s not a bad idea. It would also be a good idea to pack some glucose tab in cases you are held up or late to lunch. However, if you think you are going low, you can stop the proceedings long enough to test. They would much rather have a witness who can testify accurately than one who is confused because their glucose is low.

I used to be a courtroom clerk in the superior court. We didn’t frequently have witnesses with particular needs but when they were present, the courts tend to be very forgiving and willing to work with you.

Getting through security may take a little longer because I’m pretty sure the deputies have seen even fewer pumps and cgms than your TSA agents. You may want to advise the prosecutor that you have medical equipment. They might have a person walk you through the security to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Capin, I thought about putting it on vibrate but, that might cause more of a disturbance because when it does vibrate it scares me and I tend to shout something like, oh S**t.

I don’t think the court would appreciate that! LOL

So, I plan to set it at higher settings for my highs and maybe leave the lows set as they are. I’ll most likely let my BG’s run a little higher that day.

Thank you Pete for the great advise.

Last time I was in a courtroom the Judge asked if any one had any medical problems that would cause them not to be on the Jury. It’s very imbarassing to have to tell the WHOLE courtroom your medical history.

Why would you say anything? D doesn’t preclude your service on a jury. I don’t disclose my D to anyone; not on my driver’s license, not when I covered the war in Iraq or to any of my employers over 40 years.
As for wearing the stuff in court, by now most court officials know what pumps are so you shouldn’t have any problem.

You’ll have a possible delay getting through security. Just tell them what it is and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Tell the attorney who is calling you as a witness your concerns. He/she can clear the way for you with the court.

I was a trial attorney for 15 years. Courts are used to accommodating witnesses with all sorts of special needs. They’ll probably just ask you to silence your alerts.


Thank you Terry!

If you are a witness, they should all want you to be there and should accomodate you! “And no green M&Ms, or I will trash my dressing room” might not fly but any other reasonable accomodation should be permitted. I occasionally go to watch a trial for work-- I’m an insurance adjuster. If anyone asks, I’ll say “I’m observing” which is pretty much like screaming “I’m an insurance adjuster!” anyway. Most of the time, I’ll sort of know some or all of the participants by the time it comes to a trial anyway.

You are testifying. There is a lawyer/prosecutor who called you. That person should tell the judge so that the time of your witnessing can be set for a time when you know you are most stable in blood sugars. So call the shots by telling the lawyer.

I have a card that I carry with me that states that I am wearing a medical device prescribed by my physician. Gets me through security all the time.

As for having it in court, I would let the attorney that had you summoned to court know that you have a pump and that if it alarms, you have to take corrective action immediately. Courts are very good at accommodating some one that has medical needs. Also advise them that there are alarms that will sound in the event there is a problem with your sugars.