Wearing CGM during BJJ and Kickboxing classes

Hi all,
I’m about to start training beginner’s classes of BJJ as well as kickboxing and wondering what would be the most appropriate place to put a Medtronic CGM as well as the pump port, so that they are not a problem during training.
My friend suggests placing the CGM on the thick underside of the arm (as I normally do) and then wrapping it with some tape and/or sports bandage. I am not sure the effectiveness of this, but it sounds like the most reasonable approach.
Does anyone have any experience with wearing CGM and pump ports while training martial arts?

Any feedback greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Yeah–skip class. :slight_smile:

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I grew up in tae kwon do and was still doing when on pump. Wore mine on inside thigh and wrapped with ace bandage, with pump on back side also wrapped, of course everyone knew this and that I took strikes there very seriously. But never had. In competition I took off.

Good idea about the pump.
Primary concern is more in regards to the CGM sensor and its price.
And especially with the more grappling approach of BJJ.
But I guess bandaging both the pump port and the CGM is the best way to go regardless.

I think that the best location for both pump and CGM is on a shelf. How long do the sessions take? If only an hour or two, you can super bolus for the basal and safely last that long.

ah, the sensor would be the issue in a contact sport. I’m quite confident that the OP knows he can temporarily remove his pump for a bout. The sensor is going to vulnerable, however. Heck when I used Enlites I couldn’t even keep them on with extra dressings when working outside in the heat.

And that was exactly my point. There are some things that are not wise to try to do with the technology on board. I had to get a Frio for my pump because the insulin was getting overheated when I worked outside in the summer. I live on a farm.

Yeah, the sensor is more problematic—you can’t disconnect it and leave it aside like you can with the pump, and you can’t do a sensor change every training session. The grappling really sounds like a problem. Everyone struggles to keep these things on with just the standard taping, especially later in the sensor session when the stickum loses adhesion, and there are various products for dealing with that. I’m trying one called Simpatch, designed for Dexcom sensors, but so far it doesn’t seem much better than the original sensor patch so I wouldn’t recommend trying it for this. GrifGrip looks more promising—looks more like sports tape and this review has very positive things to say about it. Maybe in combination with using your inner arm and wrapping your whole bicep with standard sports tape would be worth a try.

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