Wearing OmniPod, wanting to swim! :-(

That's weird, I wore it while swimming competitively (in the pool for 2 hours at a time) and never had a problem. I wore it under my racing suit, but even wearing a two piece and just playing around it was fine. It only came off in the water once, while I was wake boarding, probably from the force of hitting the water at 50 mph…

How does it not come off in the shower, then? I don't understand where the problem is in the process. I know there are arm bands that prevent it from flopping around, I never used them, but maybe there is one made of neoprene that he could wear in the pool?

Hi Leah,
Thank you. That's odd. I understand it if it stay tight in place under a wetsuit, but wearing a two piece is like him just wearing a swim trunk. Not sure. He complains that the adhesive is not that great and it comes off easily, specially after shower. Well, when we receive that skin tak, we will try it. Hopefully that helps. It sounds like you're very active. He is not. I wish he was. I showed him the arm and stomach bands. He wasn't into it.

I have been on the pods since 2011 and I have been in the ocean, showers, baths, and pools and never had a problem with my pod coming off. About 3 weeks ago was the first time ever that the taping on the pod has ever came loose.

Before putting the pod on I swab the area down really good. I have never had a problem with it coming un-done. I would suggest with swimming in a pool to not stay in for hours at a time. I try to keep my pod out of the water when standing up, but I also only wear my pods on my upper arms as well. Try letting the pod dry some between swimming times, like swim for 30-45 mins then lay out and let it dry then swim again. It may help.

Thanks, Christine. I'll share this with him too. Not sure why his experience is a bit different. He showed me the adhesives that were coming off once or twice. And he doesn't even swim that often.