Wearing the Omnipod in water sports

I have been using the Omnipod for two weeks now. One of the main reasons for me to choose the Omnipod was the water-proof feature. I practice Underwater Hockey (wikipedia, pictures), and one of my concerns was how well would the pod stay when I practiced the sport and where would be the best location for it.

After testing wearing the pod during practices I tried the back of my arm and my upper glut, as it would be hard to help secure the pod anywhere else. For the arm I used an ace bandage to wrap around the pod and then duct-taped around the bandage. This setup provided enough comfort and stability during practices.

As I was preparing for my first tournament with the pod (8 hr for 8 games, at 20 min-30 min per game, in one day) I chose to try the pod in the upper glut, as the speedo would hopefully keep it in place. I decided to use a primer for the adhesive (Mastisol) and played my first game. Unfortunately after the first half of the game a fin got snagged on the protruding pod and the pod came off. After the game I quickly primed a new pod, and decided to use the back of my arm again, with the ACE bandage trick and wrapped all with enough duct-tape. It proved effective and I am pleased that even without the Mastisol priming, the sticker stayed (for the most part) in place.

So far I feel the pod is what I needed, in the unlikely event that one of you also plays UWH, I hope this is useful for you.

Do you have tricks for contact water sports with the pod?

I certainly have not had a sport that put me in the water for as long as you but I do coach a football team and am always throwing the ball during practices. The ace bandage is a great trick. I use one on even when the pod is on my throwing arm and it works great. I looked up UWH, man that's really cool. I had no idea it existed.

At 67 I'm giving up ice hockey as a result of a broken hip incurred during a game. UWH sounds like a real challenge. It seems to me that you've pretty well figured out how to keep the pod on with the ace bandage. You might check out a product called Hypafix which is a Smith & Nephew product. It would be a disposable solution, I think for anchoring the pod. Also, after have used messy Mastisol for years, I have switched to Skin Tac individual wipes. It's just as effective and much more portable than the Mastisol I used for a couple of years. I have a wet suit over my pod when I windsurf so the coming off in the water is not so much a problem. Occasionally, it comes off simply by having been wet for too long a time (hours).

First of all, Jorge, Underwater Hockey is AWESOME!! You're like a human fish for holding your breath through the intensity the sport!! WOW!

Secondly, I have no tricks for contact water sports with the Omnipod but your ACE bandage and duct tape trick sheds a new light on my otherwise pod-less water activities.

Thanks for sharing :_ If I come-across any tips on pods in contact water sports -- I'll send them your way. FYI -- Insulet should consult with you on future engineering of their pods!