Wearing the pump

I love insulin pump therapy but am not fond of actually wearing the pump. sometimes it is hard to wear certain clothes with it. i am just wondering, is not wanting to wear the pump a good reason to get rid of it and go back to mdi? some diabetics i know who have gone back to shots didn’t like the pump because of skin irritation issues or because it at one time accidentally pumped too much in them. they all seem to have reasons, but i just don’t like it on me. should i get rid of it for just that?

Yes. It’s your body and your life. You can make MDI work if you choose to do the work. The pump is just a fancy syringe and your brainpower, persistence, and good attitude can make MDI work just as well as a pump.

There are trade-offs in every decision in life. If you physical appearance is important to you then pitch the pump and give MDI a go. What have you got to lose?

Emotional well being is a very real thing. If it makes you unhappy to wear a pump, by all means switch to MDI. There’s no reason to be irritated by my life support system when I have a choice of them. Besides, if it turns out that in a year you decide you prefer the pump, you can always switch back to it.

If you decide to continue to wear a pump, I’m assuming a tubed pump, you might try a SPIbelt. If you wear it under your clothes and on the side, it’s pretty hard to tell you’re wearing a pump.

is it worth keeping, even if girls hate it on me? it’s hard to stay intimate. Even when its disconnected, the site is still there, able to scratch up against her.

Like the others have said it’s your choice but keep in mind with mdi u are stuck with a very stricken routine and diet no more eating what and when u want. Me personally would never go back. I love my pump. Just curious how new to the ds r u. Maybe look at the omnipod that’s what I use there is no tube with it and the only time someone noticed it was when I personally show it. Message me if u have any ???,?

I believe a man should be comfortable wearing or using whatever his choice is. i also believe a man should make a choice and stop asking the same questions And int he words of Lilly Tomlin


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Just out of curiosity, I asked some non-D folks today if they thought wearing a pump would be something that would be a deal-breaker on a date. Their response was, “Why?”

“Why?” as in “Why would you ask that?” or “Why?” as in “Why would it be a deal breaker?”

As in “Why would it be a deal breaker?” Their comment was that anyone for whom it would be a problem is too shallow and vain to be worth the trouble of dating.

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What clothes are you having problems with? Maybe some people here can offer some suggestions.

Agree with Thas, they are probably not worth dating if they are going to have a problem with you wearing a pump.

My infusion sets come with a small piece of plastic to clip in when I have the pump disconnected. It basically makes the set a rounded piece of plastic stuck on me without any sharp edges. I keep one in my nightstand. You could also carry one in your meter case.


Why have so many females had an issue with it?

It’s hard to say without speaking to the females.

Here’s one of my experiences. Not too long ago, I had an episode where my partner expressed a worry that her actions might hurt me, which made the intimate moments less intimate, because of that worry in her mind. My verbal assurances didn’t ease the worry, so I had her pull (actually rip!) my infusion set out. When she saw that I was basically unaffected and how easily I put in another infusion set after the intimacy was over, her worry vanished.

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Good idea. Those of us that wear these things know they don’t usually hurt. We assume the rest of the population knows this, when, in fact, they don’t. They think all things involving needles cause pain. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Your little exercise showed great insight.

I like wearing my infusion set on my forehead. I have had no issues getting many lovely young ladies to laugh at me. What is the issue ?



I’ve ripped mine out before intercourse, too. Then fell asleep. Woke up over 600. Probably a problem of my doing and not that of the pump itself though.

An impressive accomplishment! You must have an unusually fat forehead…


I have come to the conclusion that I would chose the pump over a girl. I don’t see why I should have to compromise my health just to appease someone.


NOW you’re talking!!! :sunglasses:

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