Wearing the pump

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried out the pumpwear pumpband? I need a new way to wear the pump for athletics and under dresses. Was the pumpband good/bad, only for children or suitable for adults, was the thigh band or waist band better, etc. Appreciate the feedback.

thigh thing?,I think they’re fine.it certainly locks them into place.
for light exercise,just clip it to your pants band.or sports bra.
as for underdresses,just clip them to your bra.

I certainly would like to hear feedback too,I’m also a new pumper. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried this, but need to! I am having a hard time finding places to stash my pump when wearing dresses and skirts (which I love to wear during the summer). Down my bra is the obvious place, but it makes my pump really sticky and sweaty.

I haven't used the Pumpwear pumpbands, but my mother just bought me a Spibelt for my birthday. I wasn't looking for something to hold my pump (I usually clip it to my workout pants), but I am in LOVE with it. The pouch is made out of a very stretchy material so it's only ever as big as it needs to be. I hadn't realized how often I had to adjust my pants when I was working out, but with the pump in the Spibelt it stays in place.They have a band version, which is meant to go around your arm, or perhaps it is big enough to go around your leg.

no, it’s not the “thigh thing” from MM. I tried that one and my pump slid down my thigh as I was walking down the aisle into church, very embarassing…also, when you sit, the thigh thing shifts and you appear to have a “bulge” between your legs, also very embarassing, especially when it starts to vibrate. : ). got some really interesting looks with that one.

I’m interested in the pumpband made by pumpwearinc.com, it appears to be spandex or something