Weather change and blood sugars

With spring finally arriving in Canada this past weekend, my daughter has been on her rollerblades and riding her bike about 4 hours a day. Man I cannot believe the change in her sugars the next day. Today at school she had 4 lows and this evening while sleeping another low. These lows have been significant. I decreased her basal by 0.05 unit across the board. We’ll see how This plays out. This time last week, we were having a hell of a time bringing her sugars down. I understand what activity does to blood sugars but this is extreme. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Yeah - we find exercise to be significant.
The impact for us easily carries over into the next day.

To get an idea how much (relative) is a 0.05 unit change (as you mention) is, what is the basal daily total?

I am far from being a child nor do I have increased exercise in spring. Quite the opposite because I live on a farm and spring brings pasturing instead of in-the-barn feeding. So a bit less to do. But the season change does mandate that I decrease my basal each spring and fall. This has been going on for years and expected.

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