WebMD article on exercise benefits, John Thyfault, PhD

June 23’ email from WebMD, I thought a well written article, I know nothing about him, but he attended the scientific session and seems to be doing some interesting research, he may already be connect with TU, ? @Brian_BSC info? Sorry no link, just search the site.
Exercise is always a good topic.

Do you mean this article?

The Benefits of Exercise Go Way Beyond the Muscles

FYI I have asked Emily to close out my mebmership in Tudiabetes, it has never been a comfortable fit for me. It might be because I am turning 70 soon, but I am just not that interested in changing the world anymore. ; ).
On the plus side, it now has been 20 years since my long time partner passed from AIDS related complications. I am still negative. So unlike so many of my friends I have survived
my numbers ar still good too. Most of the posting I did on the site, was just to start conversations, some did some did not.
Also I Left the ADA a long time ago much less comfortable with them!!!
Thanks for all you help And support for T2’s

Bob (Fraser) Hodgson


Sorry to see you leave Fraser. Perhaps we can’t be everything to everybody. I hope that you feel that you at least made a few friends. I do wish you luck on your journey. Do stay in touch. You could always just drive by my blog and leave a comment.