Week 1 on Pump

Well it’s been about a week since I’ve started using my pump on novolog, and I couldn’t be happier my Blood sugars have been within target range for the most part with the occasional high and low. The only down side to pumping right now that I can see is taking my BS at 12am and then again at 3am. I have trouble falling asleep at times especially if my sleep has been disrupted or I’ll sleep through my 3am alarm. I can honestly say the decision to try pumping again was a great one that I do not regret the least bit. So far so good and I hope things only continue to get better as time goes on.

wow, Elly,that’s great that your bg is within range. I know what you mean about the testing at night. I’d ask the doc if you’re going to have to keep up the nighttime testing forever. One thing that helps me is to have the proper nighlight in the bathroom. If the light is too bright when you test at night, it makes it much harder to go back to sleep. I have a little manual one (it has a switch) that I got at Home Depot. Keep up the good work!